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They are all over the internet & there is even one here on writing.com
         I was told by Melissa Fredericks in her review of "A cookie that has it's own holiday" that anything can be a topic. So after reading that I figured that I would write about the word nimrod. Nimrod has many meanings like a biblical figure who's a skillful hunter and an inept person. But let's talk about that of an inept person. When you're inept, you don't know what you're doing. You are bumbling, clueless, ineffective, dumb, and don't understand things.

         Recently I read something interesting on a message board. A dim witted person had the nerve to call somebody a nimrod, because the other person was much smarter and outbid them in an online auction. What's funny is that this person is actually the nimrod, and is the perfect example of a nimrod. My wife even called them a big cry baby for losing the bid and being a poor sport. (Wha - Wha)

         They tried to make a bid the next day after the auction was long over. The person who was running the auction scolded this inept nimrod for trying to make a late bid and told them that they cannot accept any more bids. Even earlier in the auction this same inept person whined and complained that they didn't have enough funds to bid higher. Why would somebody even tell other people their business like this?

         This all could have been avoided if this nimrod would have simply read the posted rules of the auction. It would have taken a whole 3 minutes to read the rules of the auction. This is a writing web site, and you are suppose to read. Sites like this are for fun, and if you can't have fun then go somewhere else on the Internet, and whine and complain there. It's so clear that this nimrod was totally clueless and doesn't know what they are doing both when it comes to auctions and name calling. So for my topic today this nimrod is the perfect example, and they are all over the Internet.

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