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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2221769
Cal has a much too close encounter.
Out Of This World

Lloyd gave a sharp rap on the rusty, wheel-less mobile home door and he walked right in. Not finding his friend in the kitchen making them breakfast like he usually did on weekend mornings, he gave a rebel yell.

“In here,” he heard when the echoes died down.

Lloyd wandered into the only bedroom and stood aghast in the doorway. There lay his best friend Cal flat out on his stomach in the bed.

“What are you doin’ still in bed? We’s supposed to be going fishin’ this morning! The bass is finally bitin’ good!”

“Don’t feel up to it, bro. I had a hard night. One like you wouldn’t believe!”

Lloyd snorted and gave Cal a look full of skepticism.

“I thought you was layin’ off the shine for a while?”

“I ain’t hung over, dope! Just sore as all git out, is all.”

“From what? Caleb beat you up again fer fun like he did last week?”

“They came back fer me.”

Lloyd stared at his old friend, his eyes widening.

“You mean….?”

Cal nodded as best he could considering the position he was in.

“Did they git ya agin?” Lloyd wondered.


“Is it real bad? Let me see, it might be infected,” his friend insisted.

“Git off, I ain’t showin’ nothin’ to nobody by the government! I didn’t report it last time ‘cause I were ashamed. But I’m gonna do it this time! They can’t git away with it!” Cal insisted.

“They’ll never believe you,” Lloyd told him.

“They’ll have to, I got more proof then my wound fer once.”

“What kinda proof?” Lloyd wondered.

“They musta been in a hurry. Or maybe they were spotted. I don’t know, allus I do know is they left the probe in me this here time!

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2221769