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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Business · #2221847
Clatch learns a valuable lesson.

Clatch was usually kindly, thoughtful and hardworking. But when he worked at the market, he seemed to be compelled to exaggerate and boast. One morning while he was getting ready to drive his cart to market, he stopped to examine his face in the mirror.

His wife, Polla noticed as she passed the open door with a teetering armful of clean laundry. She stopped to watch.

“So you’re a handsome devil! You’ll be even handsomer when you get to town and back after the market!”

Clatch poked at his nose .

“I think my nose is getting thinner!” he exclaimed. Having never been fond of the lumpy ball between his eyes and moustache, he was happy.

Polla gave a snort and continued with her housework.

“Be honest with the customers,” she reminded.

Her husband clapped his hat on and went out to harness the cart. Soon he was off at a brisk pace, whistling tunelessly.
As the sun rose, Clatch began to sweat.

“This brimless hat is useless!”

Slowing his team, he turned to search in the cart for something to shade him.

“This’ll work,” he crowed as he found a cabbage leaf .

Lifting his cap, he set the leaf under and put it back on.

After setting up in his stall, he spent the day, exaggerating his goods and sometimes lying to make a sale. Gradually, Clatch’s nasal appendage began to feel odd. When the market closed, he left for home, money jingling in his pockets.

Since he had thought to refresh the leaf under his hat, he felt fine. When he arrived home, Polla took one look at him and cried:

“Husband, what happened to your nose? It is long, pointed and sunburned! Were you dishonest? Tell me you didn’t lie! Everyone knows lying makes your nose grow!”

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