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The story of how my wonderful friend, Kitty Cat, came to live with me. Reviews requested.
I had the most delightful friend; his name was Kitty Cat.
He was the kindest, gentle friend; he wouldn't hurt a gnat.
I met him a long time ago, it was my lucky day;
Since then my life's been happier, more lighthearted and gay.

What happened was, his owners got a dog and after that
He suddenly became a most unhappy pussycat.
The dog would eat his dinner so that pussycat became
A very hungry pussycat; that dog would feel no shame.

And every night and every day it happened once again
The dog would push the cat away, eat all the food, and then
He'd gobble up whatever other food that he could find
And my poor friend, the pussycat, was really in a bind.

My friend, whom I named Kitty Cat, lived very close to me
And frequently, he'd be outside, and that's when I could see
That he was so unhappy, as unhappy as can be;
He told me what the problem was; I said, "How can this be?"

And then I said, "I'd love it if you'd come to my house and
Have dinner -- just the two of us -- I think that would be grand."
"Do you like shrimp?" I asked of him, "And how about beef stew?
And I have some gefilte fish and fried spaghetti, too."

And that's how my friend, Kitty Cat, and I at first began
Our most delightful friendship of a pussycat and man
So Kitty Cat decided that he'd come move in with me
And from that stupid dog he now would be forever free!

And ever since my pussycat and I have lived at home;
He never thought of leaving, never once desired to roam.
And it was so fortuitous that at that perfect time
I'd bought smoked salmon, nice and fresh, some lemon and some lime.

Remember, boys and girls, that if you ever have the chance
Share what you have with those around you and perhaps, perchance
You'll make a friend; you never know what good things might accrue;
It's possible that something wonderful might come to you!
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