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Rated: E · Fiction · Inspirational · #2221977
A woman and her children receive a wonderful surprise from a stranger

The Masked Angel
By: DW
wd: 230

Ann and her children are quite poor,
when their food stamps arrived,
they all went to the store.

Living on a limited budget.
She feels their lives are in judgment.

Alone with four children in the city,
struggling day to day in the graffiti.

As a deadly virus is spreading
Ann and her family are dreading.

Their faces all covered in masks
as they stock up for their tasks.

Not sure what's to come
her son asks for chewing gum.

Ann says with only a smile
that's is okay once in a while.

They all stand in line at the checkout six feet apart
children tired and hungry as they move with the shopping cart.

Next in line, she notices a handsome man in front of her
with faces covered they share a gentle kind of whisper.

The children began to load up the conveyor
then the gentleman before them waved goodbye with hands in prayer.

The cashier said to Ann as she started to pay
"Ma'am, that man that just came through made this your lucky day."

He had paid the cashier much more than Ann had and she was given the rest
in shock and filled with gratitude for his kindness, she felt so blessed.

This Angel of mercy. A Guardian,
She wondered with joy,"WHO was that masked man?"
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