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You are Sean. What if your younger brother over grows you by a lot?
Your life was pretty normal for the first 2 years of your life. It was you, your mom and your dad. You were happy with your life. However, when you were 2, your mom seemed to become weaker and weaker. She blamed it on pregnancy and you found out you were going to have a younger brother! But unknowing to all of you, the pregnancy wasn’t the reason.

—9 months later—

Your dad took you to a hospital where you see your mom in a hospital bed holding a baby boy, your new brother. Then the machine for the baby began beeping like crazy and then the doctors rushed into the room and took you and your dad out as you see your mom crying. You could notice the doctors injecting something into your brother.

—2 years later—

You are 4 and your brother is 2. You know that your brother is going to get bigger and bigger. The injection caused that since if he didn’t take it, he would die but the growth is a permanent side effect. He was already quite big for a 2 year old but it didn’t kick in quite yet. The government had told your family to keep quiet about Connor, your little brothers name, to not cause panic to the general population.
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