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Three keys to help you overcome any crisis you may find yourself facing.
No one wants to think about being in a crisis, but these days, it pays to have a game plan before we are thrown into the unknown crips of a crisis. The headlines are chock full people being thrown into crisis mode on a daily basis. From school shootings, natural disasters, pandemics, large scale lockdowns to domestic violence, teen suicides and so much more. Where does one even start to prepare themselves to face such calamity when it rear's its head?

The first key to overcoming anything that comes at you or your family is to have a well-known, well-practiced, well-understood game plan. It is easy to roll our eyes and shake our heads at those extremists who stockpile supplies in a homemade bomb shelter or panic room. While you and your family don't need to go to wild extremes, it is a good, logical idea to have some basics in place. Each member of your family needs to know where your emergency supplies are and how to use them. Just knowing you have supplies, you and your family can lower the level of panic you might otherwise be overwhelmed with. While others are panicking and desperate to buy up the last bit of supplies, you and your family can be focused on other, more immediate needs. The internet is full of survival type websites that can give you loads of information, supply ideas, and ways you can prepare. Taking the time and effort now to make some basic preparations will pay off when a crisis does pay you a visit.

The second key to overcoming any crisis is to educate yourself and your family. The news and media are NOT your friends! They Do NOT always have your best interests at heart. Don't become obsessed, but keep up on current events. Do your own research and look at a number of sources that you, yourself can verify. Pick up your phone, make some calls. Learning and understanding about what is going on will give you a huge advantage over those who have put themselves at the mercy of the media. Just look at the undue panic, hysteria, and miss information broadcast during this recent pandemic. IF people had just taken the time to slow down, think, and do some basic research, so much what has gone on could have been prevented. Some forms of crisis can be learned and prepared for in advance. For example natural disasters. We've been dealing with them since societies have begun. There is absolutely no reason ANYONE should not have a plan and a backup plan for IF a natural disaster might hit. Especially if you're living in an area where specific disasters are more prone to hitting. Mass shootings are another crisis we have seen so many of, that there are tried and true methods for dealing with such an event, and you would be wise to educate yourself and your family in the likely event you might be faced with such a thing.

The third big key to overcoming any crisis is to form a strong line of communication. Not only with your family but with anyone else in your network of people. There are times when you may not be able to depend on your cell phone. This is why key numbers one and two are so vital. Strong prior communication is a vital necessity for survival. You and your family should have verbal and nonverbal communication methods in place. When a crisis hits, and each family member knows the plans of action, knows where emergency items are, knows where to go and what to do, verbal communication is nice, but not essential for survival. A battery-operated radio can be indispensable for getting up to date alerts and broadcasts and will keep you from being completely cut off from all information. Paper and Pen, is something so basic, but in a serious crisis, even just leaving a few notes in key places can help with communication between you and family members. You'd be surprised how helpful a simple pen and paper can be.

As I mentioned before, you do not have to go to extremes but as the famous quote goes, "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance." A little advance planning, a basic game plan, and good communication can make the difference between life and death, frantic fear, and calm resolve. If you put even a tiny bit of effort into these keys, then overcoming any crisis will be much easier and less stressful. In the world we live in, its not a matter of IF you will face a crisis, it is a matter of WHEN.
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