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Rated: E · Short Story · Erotica · #2222194
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Komaru opened the door to her house, coming back after a trip to the store which took a bit longer than she expected. “Toko, I’m back!” Komaru said, then closed the door behind her and held a bag with an item in it. She set the bag on her living room table and took off both her shoes, leaving her wearing her socks. “Hey Toko, where'd you go?” Komaru said, walking around, until she stepped on something. “Huh?’ Komaru questioned, rubbing her foot on something a little bit, then lifted it up, revealing Toko to be on it.

“Jeez, haven't I been stepped on enough today?” Toko muttered. “Oops, sorry Toko hehe.” Komaru apologized then picked Toko off the ground. “ughh, do you ever wash your feet?” Toko asked. “Well…, maybe a bit every few days, but come on, they don't smell that terrible!” Komaru said. “As someone who has been under your feet everyday, you need to clean them!” Toko testified. Komaru then sat on a nearby couch. “How about smelling them, they can't be that bad!” Komaru says, then places Toko on the ground between both of her large feet. “Come On Komaru, there is no ne- MMMPH!” Toko said, then was interrupted By both of Komaru’s socked feet smothering her. Komaru rubbed her feet together, squishing Toko and Enveloping her with her stinky feet. Soon, Komaru let Toko go, and Toko laid on her back after that foot smothering she got. “O-Oh god, that smell B-B-BAD!” Toko said.

“T-Then maybe it's the socks, Yeah it's the socks!” Komaru said, lifting her feet and taking off her socks, then putting them beside her. “Try smelling them now!” Komaru said, putting her feet above a weakend Toko, then descending them towards. Without the energy to move, Toko would be stepped on, getting smothered by both of Komaru’s stinky feet. It may not smell bad for Komaru, but for Toko, it was much worse without her socks. Toko felt the heaviness and the stench of Komaru’s feet. She tried to move, but with her energy depleted and the Heaviness of her feet, she had no choice but to endure and smell Komaru’s nasty feet. Soon, Komaru lifted her foot off of Toko, who barely had enough energy to cover her nose. “Nope…. Still stinks.” Toko replied weakly, then soon fainted upon the nasty smell.

“Ok, I might have to clean them a little. Hehe” Komaru chuckled lightly.
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