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Rated: ASR · Script/Play · Dark · #2222267
Shy doesn't really know what's ahead!
An old white- haired woman sits upright in her overstuffed bed and watches out her bedroom window in the blackest of the night. She squints to read her digital clock. It's 3 AM.

A rickety old Greyhound whooshes into the entrance road of a bus station that's sitting uncomfortably close to the old lady's house, but otherwise appears shut down. The warmth of the summer night broils the scent of oil leaks and rubber tires.

The old woman knows the bus station is not shut down. Her windows are open to give her full view of the goings on outside. She slides off the bed and shuffles to her wheelchair. When she falls into it, she locks the wheels in place and bends forward to get a better line of sight out the window.

The old greyhound slides into its corral and with a final sheesh of air from the brakes it rattles to a quiet. The double doors of the bus slam open and the old lady shakes her silver hair out of her face expecting a cascade of people to disembark.

Only two people step slowly and carefully down the steps of the bus. A tall man, his hat pulled down so the rim nearly covers his eyes. He has both his arms around, nearly craddling, a smaller person, a female clearly pregnant. She is obviously in pain and the old lady realizes she must be in labor.

The bus driver appears at the door of the bus. He looks downward at the couple whose feet have reached the ground but both are doubled over. She, in undeniable pain. He, as her protector is bent over the pregnant woman nearly covering her. The driver quickly glances up at the old woman's house and she jerks herself backward in hopes the darkness has prevented him seeing her.

"Shiloh!" The driver bounds down and off the bus' steps. The old woman purses her lips as if to prevent any sound from escaping. The bus driver's head suddenly pops up into the old lady's window. She jerks her face away from the screen.

"Shiloh!" The bus driver repeats, "Shy!" He calls out to her by her nickname and she knows he's seen her in the dark room. She slumps down into the sagging upholstery of the chair,
"What can I do ye fer?" She responded in a half hearted joking answer.

"Shy! We need your bed and all the clean cloths and clean water you can spare!" The bus driver said loud and earnestly as he turned to go help the man gather up his wife before the baby dropped out right there!

The white haired little old woman yelled back as she pulled and twisted her wbite hair into a tight bun then pinning it to the top of her head with bobbies she randomly kept in her pockets.

"Get her over here, quick! Let me take a gander to see how far her labor's got!"

When they laid the younger woman on the bed, the older woman undressed her and looked between her legs an instant before she jumped back,

"What am I supposed to be seeing?!!"

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