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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Nature · #2222307
Sara describes the landscape itinerary during her daily shuttle by train.
Each morning Sara used to travel by train to go working. It is fast and has two stops the departure and the arrival.
The steward whistles and says, ".do not wait near the doors please, they will be shut automatically. We will leave in one minute".

Sitting near the window, every day she contemplates the landscape.
The sun rises from the mountain. The train slides under two mountains. The passengers stay for a moment in the obscurity.
There is a bridge that crosses the magnificent river. There, a rainbow is settled at the corner of a big rock offering an amazing view.
The train goes further within idyllic meadows that are full of multicolored flowers.
Sara knows very well this itinerary but each day she looks with a new glance at this landscape, this canvas.

Now the train crosses a cute village. The houses' rooves are all blue and the walls are painted in white. Each house is surrounded by a garden. The village paths converge vers one common pathway. We can see doves, swallows, and pigeons. Always some children sheer their hands to say good morning to the passengers.
The village is crossed quickly and yet, the immense buildings start to be seen from over there. Even the city has its charm. Sun rays are reflected on the glass offering a view of windows on fire. Being near, the passengers start to see crowded streets.

The contrasting times of both the village that is calm and the city that is noisy constitute the specificity of modern time.
The steward whistles again and repeats again, "we will arrive in five-minutes, keep sitting please during the deceleration of the train speed".
Sara is completely submerged in the landscape and forgets herself until the train is stopped.

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