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You might be surprised to know this... ;-)
As most of you have already known by now, this here piece happens to be the 95th piece that I have written for this here writing community, Writing.Com. That means that I have only 5 more to go before I reach the magic number of 100 written pieces! Now, isn’t that something?!
Ever since I have joined this here writing community back in March of 2019, little did I know what kind of surprises I would have up my sleeve; I have honed my craft here very well, and before one knows it, I have indeed entertained you guys with my own originality anywhere! Since that time, I have practiced that kind of magic. They say that you must write every day, but I have no idea that writing every day would make your audience happy!
And indeed, this kind of happiness in which I have brought to this community since the day I have joined Writing.Com was sorely needed then, and it is surely needed now, especially at such a time as this. When I was young, on every birthday I was spoiled rotten with such lovely treats. Now that I am older, I figured that those who have been such an unbelievably bad time as this could sure use a little happiness to spoil them rotten, but in an incredibly good way…

And that is what I have been doing for a few years and continue to do so hopefully in the years to come. I know that there are people that needed to be cheered up, so I thought that I would bring that kind of cheerfulness with the original stories that I have written. And maybe I might show them my original artwork!
Believe me, this pandemic has ruined everything in our lives, and while we do not have any idea what is going to happen next, what I do know is that we have got to keep on boosting our morale in any way that we can until this horrid nightmare is finally over. Boosting morale is what creative people like myself do to make everyone happy and to keep their chins up as best as possible. Pandemics may shake us up a little bit, but they cannot destroy the foundation of our creativity.
So, with that, let us keep on with our creativity as best as we can, even in the darkest of times. After all, that is what we do, don’t we?
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