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Flash Fiction 244 Words
Leonardo, dodged the crowd in the marketplace. His crimson lucco and pink velvet hood drew attention. Colors reserved for Counsellors and Lieutenants that drew fines for the less worthy didn't concern him.Yesterday, he had bought caged birds and set them free. His love for creatures sustained him.

Today, he spotted the vendor with two cages. Spurred on by the thought of freeing the birds, he forgot how tired he was. Last night, creativity sizzled his brain, sparks flying, turning birds into flying machines and cages into machines that raised passengers to the sky.

Returning home he drew plans for his flying machine, studied the degree angle of a sliding block of wood, and the steel string vibration for his music machine. He regretted his silly bet with his friend, Carlos but he could use the money.

Tomorrow, he must begin to work on one project and complete it. Carlos thought him scatterbrained. "Leonardo, the key to greatness is focus."

Leonardo stared at the wood panel. Finished, he realized the toll it had taken on him. His creativity lost it's sizzle replaced by one flame fanned by Carlos' money. He stared at the portrait, wondering if it was worth proving his friend wrong.

He closed the door and headed to the marketplace. The lady watched him leave the room, her eyes followed him and her mystic smile held the secret that his flame would engulf the world by painting the Mona Lisa.

244 Words
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