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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2222675
the space ship has been sent six light years away from any explored space by the humans.
I peered at the screen where there was a blip on it. There numerous other blips there. They looked tiny in comparison to the large one. I worried... No! I was concerned about seeing it there. The screen showing what before us. There should not be one there on the screen.
We were afraid of what we seeing there. Space should have been void of life other than alien life forms. There one ship there. I felt it could be a human type ship, but I could not be sure from the blip alone. But I felt it was dangerous for us. The ship had the appearance of a human type ship previous to the Alliance; this was what I felt it was. That was impossible. Rubbed the back of my neck to relieve the tension I was feeling upon seeing it there. I felt fear bubble up inside of me.
“Bucka, that’s where the signal came from!” ,Jewels said as she looked about. Her eyes wide with horror upon hearing this radio signal over the static. Jewels seated at her chair listening in over the static of space, when she heard a mayday signal over the com. The bridge is spacious having rounded edges for all of the equipment on her. There is a huge board where communication and satellite information came in on. There is an area for a drink to be set on and food as well.
“Who sent the signal?” Mual asked who was standing in the middle of the bridge with his hands clasped behind his back he turned and strode towards her in a confident gait. He wore a coat and dress shirt that silk, slacks that black from his belt hung a sword and a revolver in a holster. He is a tall man with a bit of muscle on his body. His left cheek had a scar from a dagger that caught him there, it was jagged.
“Is that really what we are seeing?” Winds asked, her eyes huge in disbelief.
​​ “We have received a Mayday,” Jewels said, peering at Winds with Mual hovering beside her. She tried to calm her nerves as she opened and closed her hands. Mual's eyes stone-cold and unmoving. He looked at the screen where the image. He looked concerned. His jacket and dress shirt without a wrinkle or spot on them. He gnawed his lower lip as he saw it there. He did a double-take of it.
​​ Jewels heard over her commlink, “This is Dark castle. We are under attack. We need assistance. Mayday! We are under attack!”
​​ Jewels responded, “We are. Responding to your Mayday. What is your location?”
​​ She heard nothing over the commlink, but static as side from the Mayday. That she heard as clear as day.
​​ “Is there anyone there?” Mual asked, his eyebrows arched. He had a military bearing, head held high. Back straight he had his hands behind him. Furrows appeared on his forehead.
​​ Mual asked as he looked at Winds, there were tears in his eyes, “Location of the signal?”
​​ “Bearings 347 latitude 567, it came from there,” Jewels said. There is a little dot of light on the screen. The screen is 3 meters square.
“An earth signal?” Wind asked, “I can't believe what I heard. How Could an Earth Ship Be?”
“There should be no earth ship! Especially an Earth ship before the Alliance! That can not be!” Mual exclaimed his skin paled, beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead. He trembled.
“Then why did we receive a Mayday! Not a SOS, but a Mayday,” Winds said beads of sweat ran down her face and her eyes wide in terror as she realized this.
“Earth used Mayday before the Alliance came into being! Didn’t they? Especially the US at that time?” Jewels asked looking at me as I sat there in my chair.
“It does not make sense,” Mual declared. “There has to be a record of it being! He knew that they hadn’t sent any ships from what he recalled. He could not remember when the spaceship named Black Castle ever entered space.”
“Winds can you see what that ship looks like!” Mual asked.
“Yes, I can,” Windsimplored.
​​ “ Bring it up full on the screen,” Mual said, turning to the screen.
Winds expanded the screen to show the spaceship. It looked like a box, several kilometers long. The ship was bristling with weapons, that should have protected it from anyone they met up with. There is a mark identifying it as a US spacecraft. It could have been a huge meteor shower, that caused it A huge dent in the middle of the ship, with gouges and tears in this dent. There pieces and portions of the spaceship littering space where it happened. The scorch marks marring the surface didn’t come from a meteor shower. But an attack by someone or thing. It had been attacked by someone with certainty. We could see into the ship to see the ship’s interior hallways and rooms. It looked as though it had taken quite a bit of damage from the attack. We suspected.
It resembled an Earth space ship from the US space agency. That made no sense, There was no way an Earth could be from there. The US agency hadn’t designed a way to travel as fast as warp in the time that this ship had come to be. When the Alliance came to accept us, Earthlings, as space travelers. She turned to the targeting screen. She froze as she saw it there. She looked at it again trying to see if she hadn’t imagined it. She discovered no she had not missed seeing it.
Mual in the middle of the bridge he advanced towards Winds. His cadence is not broken. His hands are behind his back. He frowning, with a furrow on his brow. His eyes glued to the ship he transfixed by seeing it, “How could it be there?”
“I don`t know! There has to be an explanation for this?” I suggested as I looked at the ship. It defied common sense, there could not be a ship from there. Could there? I could not believe my eyes seeing there. An earth ship before the Alliance, there no way it could be there. It could not fly at warp. Pieces would fly off of the ship as it gained this speed it encountered. Yet the whole space ship there.
There was a wheel that the helmsman handled to its right. There are four seats there on the bridge. One for the communication tech, the ship’s weapon specialist, the security officer, and lastly the first officer.
​​ “The ship is signaling SOS. The signal is as it should be if it is from the earth,” Jewels replied, the blood drained from her face. Her eyes widened, her fingers trembled as she looked at Mual. She knew that there should be no ship. Especially prior to the alliance. That the reason that we explore this region of space?
​​ “Bucka, what do you make of it!” Mual screamed.
“What are you talking about? There were no ships sent out before the Alliance,” I declared, and I was happy to hear this. I wanting to find human life out rather than alien life forms. The aliens do not like humans.
​​ “That’s where the target is located,” Winds said. Her face pale, eyes large,
​​ Winds lifted her eyes, smiled, prepared to engage the weapon systems. Her hands hovered above the buttons to control the weapon boards and looked triumphantly at Captain Mual awaiting his words to fire.
​​ The warning lights flashing, there came bells chiming, the emergency initialized.

​​ I stood there at the entranceway to the dock, where my crew would await me. I watched the screen. I worried about the potential that our ship would encounter what harmed the dreadnaught. Where is the enemy ship? Could it be hidden behind the moon that there? Would we be as likely as they!
​​ The navigator facing the screen. He could not move anything but a ball that our ship as it moved about in space with his hands. He was bald and wore a white turtleneck, black slacks. There is a ring about his head, with electrical lines attached to the back of his head. These lines are attached to the drive of our ship. Our lives depended upon him doing this. His eyes closed; this meant he was in control of the ship absolutely. He was not aware, what was happening! We are safe.
​​ We were on the bridge preparing for combat as we viewed the screen. Winds looked up; she knew that there should be no ships in the area. But not an earth ship prior to the alliance it did not make sense that it was there.
​​ “Where has it come from?” Jewels asked as she sat at the communication desk and could see where an object was. Several kilometers in scale there came a trail from the ship of debris.
​​ “We just received an SOS signal, from that sector,” Jewelsstated.
​​ Captain Mual stood beside Wind with hands behind his back. He wore a coat and black slacks with a white silk blouse and a black belt hung with a machine pistol, and sword. He was puzzled. This section unexplored; there should be no ships especially from the Earth. Yet they found one there; one of the Earth’s own previous before the Alliance.
​​ “Check to see if there is anyone out there. Targeting the ship,” I asked concerned, trying to figure this out, There no way it could be there. “Seeing the moon not too far away from the damaged spaceship. Maybe the spaceship hiding there?”
​​ “There is no one there. Aside from the ship that signaled us,” Jewels said as she touched the controls to see if there was anything that registered as a possible spaceship there.
​​ “That is good,” I suggested relievedly and watched the screen.
​​ “Let’s check it out,” Wind said with a grin, ``Easy capital, the enemy has long since gone as she could not see it on the sensors, and isn’t there.” Rubbed her hands together happily.
​​ “We have to make a profit?" Captain Mual exclaimed, making a bridge with his hands imagined the things. He would acquire by doing this. In the future when he began his journey. He told it would be a good place to explore.
​​ "We will," Jewels declared with a huge smile creased her face. She shapely and had a good head on her shoulders, smiled sweetly watching Mual. Knowing what this meant to him. Desired to make him happy. She would, she knew it. She would! Wouldn't she? Nudging the champagne glass in celebration. She smiled triumphantly at herself in the mirror in her room after leaving the bridge.

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