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love at first sight is REAL....that split second when your heart and soul collide

In the finite time in which we are obliged to live this life,
there is one moment, perhaps one second, in which we see our destiny:
It doesn't come like the flickering roll of our favorite memories,
just before the lights are turned out...
It is the spark like that in the soul of a diamond,
cuts through the hardest darkness with effortless ease .
It is that bright light which illuminates the now and ever,
that immeasurable, inimitable, invincible point of light in your soul:
that sets ablaze the passions in each of your hearts rooms,
and unwinds the strings strangling your dreams...
It becomes the flame that burns away the dark cloaks and shadows,
scorches the raw edges your insecurities and inhibitions grate,
leaving the only thing that bears clarity in your mind,
the ultimate light containing every dreams' question;
and from That First Look, reveals all the answers.
Each one bearing the name of the one ,
the other whose light reflects in your eyes,
The look of true love,
Love...at first sight.

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