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by cts_tj
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2222903
I'm weak for emotional bonding and it shows. Also the time skip is disgusting.
"Not exactly," Ryan replied, and Max's excitement lowered slightly.

"Whaddya mean?" Max asked, sitting criss cross on the ground like his brother was inches in front of him.

"W-w-well..." Ryan trailed, frustrated that he couldn't speak to his brother in the way he wanted, "you were acting...sort of weird at the table at dinner today. And also, you stiffened when I mentioned mom was coming..."

Ryan was twiddling his fingers in his lap as the words tumbled out of his mouth, and when he looked up he felt saddened to see Mark staring at his toes instead of his face while he spoke. The older boy cleared his throat and continued:

"So what I'm asking is...well, what I really want to know is...what's going on between you and mom?"

Max sighed as his hand slid towards his brother's left foot, giving it a squeeze before making its way to Ryan's right hand. He enveloped it in his grasp, and let his eyes mull over the scene as he groaned.

"That's...not what you should be focused on right now," he said softly, watching with sad eyes as his large fingers slid over Ryan's knuckles.

Ryan huffed, and yanked his hand out of his brother's gentle grasp, "Bullshit!" he called, then put his hand over his mouth when he realizes what he had done.

He made eye contact with his brother, expecting rage to come over him. Instead he was surprised to be met with a distraught expression on his brother's chiseled face, Max's huge hand stuck in suspended animation where Ryan's once was.

Max managed a broken smile, as his voice broke, "I guess I have no choice then."

Max sighed, and then continued:

"Fine. But can I hold you while I tell you, big bro?" He asked softly, but when Ryan looked up to meet his eyes he turned away and added:

"I know it's childish, and stupid, and just random, but I -"


Max returned his gaze on his brother with wide eyes.

"Are...are you sure," his voice rumbled hesitantly, opening his arms slightly as Ryan turned and nestled himself into his brother's torso.

"Of course!" Ryan responded confidently, sitting criss cross in his brother's criss cross as he smiled up to him, "Besides, I want you to be comfortable when you tell me...isn't that what brothers are for?"

Max squeezed his hands around his brother, smiling wide with tears in his eyes before letting him breathe, resting his head on his smaller brother' shoulder. He turned to his ear.

"Thank you," he cooed before sitting upright in criss cross, "I needed this,"

Ryan grinned at his bro as he looked up into his eyes, "I wouldn't be any good if I didn't allow you any fun, wouldn't I,"

Max smiled wider, then with his left wiped his tears away and took a deep breath.

"It actually started a little before I began to take the testosterone supplements..."

~le evil time skip muahahaha~

"Wow dude, that's harsh," Ryan said, wiping the tears off his face with his brother's arm.

Max managed a grin as his brother used him to wipe his tears, massaging his brother's chin as he let a sigh escape his lips.

"Yeah, too bad I can't just tell her that we're two different people," He managed shakily, petting his brother's hat of hair.

Usually Ryan would swat his behavior off, but something about what they just talked about kept him from doing so. He leaned into his brother's touch, following up his remark with one of his own:

"Yeah...I guess so. No wonder why you hated me so much..."

Max stiffened when Ryan finished his sentence. He forced himself to swallow his spit before replying quickly:

"Well I don't hate you anymore and that was wrong for me to do so I -"

Ryan interrupted: "Hey, hey, HEY!! Chill bro, it's okay. I get that you felt that way, and I don't blame you."

Max exhaled as he embraced his brother, letting his warmth and bad feelings pour out into Ryan.

"And Max?"

Max perked up and looked at his brother:


Ryan smiled softly as he looked straight ahead.

"Don't let it get to you, okay? You're much better of a person than me...I just have some of the traits that she prefers," Ryan ended jokingly, but hoped his point got across.

Max chuckled as he released his brother from his embrace, scooting back before coming to a stand.

"I'll keep that in mind," Max said, a he prepared himself to clean up in the bathroom.

"Wait!" Ryan called while standing up, and Max turned, "Don't you want to have some fun first?"

Max laughed, nodding, "I thought you'd never ask."
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