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Elinda has a dream.
Rescue Effort

Elinda traveled endlessly across hostile terrain. What drove her was a dream. Usually her sleep was dreamless. But that night, she was sent for!

She thought her bedside phone was ringing. But she didn’t have a phone beside her bed! She jumped up, her heart in her throat.

“I knew it could only be an alarm, one that I had to answer or all were lost!” she told herself as she trekked on.

After she’d packed what she would need, she sat down to write a note to Farling. Urgency drove her so hard she feared it was garbled and illegible, but she had no time to fix it.

“I hope he understands and comes to help!”

When she was too exhausted to go further, the trees thinned and she came to the edge of a chasm. On the other side was a flight of dragons. Each was staked to the ground by fetters of ebonite. More ebonite wrapped their jaws, holding them closed.


The dragons seemed to hear and turned to look at her. Their eyes hardly flamed, which usually meant they were dying.
A hand touched the young dragonwoman’s shoulder. She knew it was Farling.

“What can I do?” he telepathed.

“Make a bridge!”

The wizard stretched his staff over the gap and in minutes a bridge appeared. The pair hurried across. With taps of his staff, Farling parted the chains.

The dragons roared and seemed to grow stronger with freedom. Mounting one of the largest, the magic couple took flight. Farling guided their scaly steed as Elinda kept an eye on those that followed.

Arriving at the top of the flight’s home mountain, the rescuers left them to be tended by their own. Not waiting for thanks, they entered a magic whirlwind for home.

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