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Flash Fiction prompt words:sleep, phone, write 293 Words
"You kids shut-up and go to sleep, don't make me come in there!"

"Mommie! Bobby won't stop it, he's talking about boogie men."

"Tracy, there's no such thing as boogie men now both of you get to sleep."

"He said he just saw one, it's under my bed!"

"Bobby, stop it right now, get to sleep and I mean it!"

My husband is snoring, he can sleep through anything. That leaves me to referee the kids. All my days blur together. I try to get up early before everyone else. At night, words come to me, the right words that make beautiful sentences, the kind that makes the reader pause and reach for their highlighter. I grab the notepad so I can capture the thought, but the words leave as soon as I wake up.

I want to write stories instead of grocery and to do lists. My kitchen is splattered with post-it-notes full of ideas for stories and tips on scheduling writing time. As soon as the kids get up, I'm like a wind-up toy. The kids fight, right now the battle is over building blocks and the talking phone.

"Mom, come quick it's an emergency, hurry, hurry!"

"Steve, wake up something is wrong, Bobby doesn't sound right."

I flip the light switch and Bobby is sitting on his bed holding an envelope.

"It's for you mom."

"This better be good, Bobby as there is no emergency in here."

Inside the envelope is an airplane ticket and an admission ticket to: "The Writer's Conference."

I squeal. jump, run through the house, and hug my family.

Back in bed, I can't stop talking and then I hear Bobby shout:

"Mom, shut-up and go to sleep, don't make me come in there!"

293 Words
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