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Inspired by Alma 4
Come, feel this linen. Finger
its tightly twined fabric, hold it up to light
and see it flow like finest silk—
expensive, yes, but worth the price
for one who takes pride in appearance
as a person of your means would,
a person who’s earned wealth by industry.
An outfit from this will make your friends
grieve with envy.

New clothes don’t suit?
Then please have a seat, take meat with us,
fresh from our plentiful flocks and farms,
prime stock held in reserve for discerning
appetites too sated to eat for need.
Let us tempt your greater emptiness
with fare full-flavored and fragrant.

No? I see
you are a person of discretion and taste.
But we have many worthy entertainments
for your perusal. Set your heart on any
clever book, gilded toy, or silver-filmed vanity.
It’s yours for a trifle—precious little affliction
to gain all your will and pleasure.

Unless you’re another one
of those scornful believers
who judge and persecute us
for our harmless comforts,
or worse, to beg undeserved share
in what we can ill afford to give.
Come, let me show you the way

Inspired by the Come, Follow Me readings for May 25-31
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