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Miss Cali demanded to meet the girl her stolen roses were going to, so Kyle obliged.
I never realized how Osiria Roses seemed to bleed until after Mika. She loved Osiria Roses, they were her favorite, but I can never find them anywhere, until I saw Miss Cali's garden. She had Osiria roses, so I would sneak into her garden and steal small bouquet every time I went to see Mika. It wasn't a big deal, not at first, but then today she caught me.
Miss Cali demanded to know if the girl was "pretty enough to warrant flower theft". I tried to assure her that Mika was indeed "pretty enough", but she continued to demand to be brought to meet the "hot babe" her flowers were being given to, her words, not mine.
I told her I would just text her and let her know that Miss Cali would be joining us, seeing as I was already on my way to see her. I sent a panicked text to my girlfriend, and we left to go see Mica. We were silent until we got on the bus, it was empty. My phone buzzed so I checked the message.
I don't know. Sorry, Kyle
"Tell me about this girl, what makes good enough for my one of a kind roses?" Miss Cali asked. I looked up at her and shoved my phone into my pocket.
"Osiria roses are her favorite," yeah, there you go, talk about her like she was here now, "She is kind, a real angel when it comes to helping other people. She really has a problem when it comes to helping herself. We met in high school, freshman year. I knew her by the name of Mikissa, or Mika, as we all called her." My eyes sting, and not from the cold air.
"Mikissa Prescott, she's a dream. She's top of our class and student body president. I believe that she's the most beautiful girl in school, with her frizzy red hair, her brown eyes, her sparkling smile, and the hardened hands that everyone knew. I don't think there was a single person in that school that hasn't gripped her hand or felt it on their shoulder."
"So she is hard working?" Miss Cali observed. Mika, hardworking? I laughed out loud. After a confused look from Miss Cali I explain why.
"She is probably the hardest working girl I know, to say she's just hard working sounds like an understatement," I breathed.
"How is she hardworking?" Miss Cali asked, she really didn't know who Mika is.
"She built her way from rock bottom, went through so much, some that we didn't even know about until recently, she literally lost time with her education and her life, she went through some major changes right before her Freshman year, then she was a next to nobody in this tiny town." I felt the bus pull to a stop, her stop. "This is her."
I stand up, then turn to help Miss Cali up, it's what Mika would do. We step off the bus, and I lead the way, pausing a moment at the entrance to Mika, no Lyla's, place.
"A graveyard is a strange place to meet, but alright, I don't judge teenage love. Tell me more." I started walking more slowly with Miss Cali on my arm.
"Why don't I tell you a small story instead," She gives me a weird look but nods her approval, "About a year ago, there was a man who escaped from jail. He was there for child abuse. The girl who had been abused was placed under Witness Protection because the publicity it caused her placed a target on her back from people who had hurt her family in previous events that hadn't been caught. This girl was in the program for about 2 years when this happened. The man has a son who was placed in the foster care system, and his social worker made certain to place the boy near the girl because of the PTSD issues that his past gave him." I took a deep breathe before continuing.
"When this man broke out, he had been planning it for months, he found out where the girl was, as well as where his son was. When he broke out he went straight after his son, who was a Freshman at this time, and the girl was a Junior, going to the same school. The school was placed under lockdown, and classes were evacuated one by one.
"When all of the classes were out, the boy was unaccounted for, the girl, knowing he would be too scared to move, went back into the building right as the school was getting ready to evacuate the students further from the school building.
"She found him in a classroom, and had him calmed down right when she heard the man shout from down the hall. She got the boy in the cupboard, and was shot and killed because she wouldn't tell the man where his son was.
"Her name was Lyla Hope. In her honor, the high schoolers started the Hope Line, a 24 hour hotline for teenagers that would give you direct access to a teenager going through the same years as you. It was something she would have loved." I stopped walking as we had reached Lyla, engraved along the top edge of her gravestone was the name I knew her by, Makissa Prescott. I glanced at Miss Cali and saw tears in her eyes, I knew she understood.
"She really was too good for this world." After a moment of silence, I added, "She has saved countless lives, and her influence has saved countless more. And a true pretty girl, is the one whose face you remember, not because it was breathtaking, but because what she did was breathe saving." I bent over and lay the roses in front of grave, the epitaph reading, An act of kindness spreads beyond what life can see. We all saw it fitting, her kind acts have spread further that she ever thought possible. My tears began falling before I could stop them. I then straightened up and said one more thing before walking away.
"She was pretty enough."
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