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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Erotica · #2223260
Continued from part 2
Your now 13 and Connor is 11. You’re starting to realise your sexuality. You only grew to 5’3 whereas Connor had grown to 5’11. You still authorise the older brother status, as when your sleeping, Connor still comes to you if he’s scared from a nightmare. However tonight won’t be as you expected.

It was raining and there was thunder outside. It was pretty loud. Due to your parents having to spend a lot to keep Connor inside and homeschooled and suiting the house for when he eventually gets even bigger, your bed wasn’t the biggest. “Hey Sean, can I sleep with you? I had another nightmare...” You don’t know what to say. He’s getting even bigger lately, he was only 5’8 3 months ago. The bed isn’t even that big for both of you. And he sleeps naked. But you don’t want to let your younger brother down. “Alright then, you can sleep with me once again.” You sigh. But you just watch him take off his clothes and strip nude. It’s been a while since you saw him without his clothes. He has an 8pack and his pecs are big too. Then you look down and see a 6 inch cock! Yours was only 2 inches due to your small stature. Just looking at that body made your cock twitch.

He climbed into your bed with you and shortly fell asleep. Your bed was small to fit the both of you but big enough to create a gap between you two. Not a big gap, but a gap nonetheless. You can feel the warm aura around him. Just then you heard snoring. He really fell asleep that quickly? Then you heard him sound scared. He grabbed a hold of you and hugged you tightly. He wasn’t crushing you, but he was nearly a foot bigger than you so it was like he was bear hugging you. You were facing him and you felt his body all over yours. His cock was subconsciously rising up as it hit your chest. It was 9” hard. Wow. It was crazy to imagine your younger brother bigger and superior to you in every way. It was kinda hot if you thought about it.

Suddenly, you felt a rumble. Did Connor just expand? He was getting longer... he was growing! He was still holding onto you while he was growing. His cock even getting bigger and rising up further onto your chest. He began to hold you tighter as his cock was now 12’ hard and he was now 6’3! He’s exactly a foot taller than you now. You only came up to his shoulder.
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