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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Erotica · #2223263
Continued from part 3
He was still holding onto you as he stopped growing at 6’3 as his cock laid on your chest inbetween your nonexistent pecs. You really wanted to stop yourself but you knew that when Connor is asleep, he rarely wakes up. You slowly shifted yourself down under the blanket. Connor has pubic hair! It wasn’t a lot but it wasn’t a little bit though. You stare at the cock. You gave it a slow lick as it twitched. You placed your hands on it. One hand could only wrap around it just barely. You rubbed it up and down as you placed your mouth on the head. Just then, Connor places his hand on the back of your head. He pushes your mouth down deeper into his cock. It wasn’t that you couldn’t breathe, it was that it was unexpected. This made you realise that Connor masterbates as well.

Your little brother was growing up right before your eyes. In more ways that one! You laughed at your little joke. Suddenly you feel a little pressure building up in his dick as he blows his load into your mouth! You tasted it and it was good! You ate it all up and licked it all off his dick. You came out of the blanket as you look over to Connor and he was sleeping. You look at the end of the bed as you see Connor’s feet sticking out the blanket. The blanket was to suit your size, not Connor’s size so his legs were also sticking out as well. They were semi hairy but not much. You only had hair on your head though. His feet were size 9 before he grew, they must be size 13 now. You were tempted to go over to them, but you decided to leave that for now and you went back to sleep.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2223263-Giant-younger-brother-part-4