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Continued from part 5
—Sean’s perspective—

We put our shoes and socks back on. I went to make my breakfast, coco pops and milk and sat down at the table as Connor did the same. He sat across me and since he was bigger, there wasn’t much space under the table and he stretched his legs and his feet were right next to mine. He wasn’t even tucked into the table as well and he could reach me.

“Hey Sean, what’s school like for you?” He asks me out of nowhere. “Everyone is getting older, and beginning to swear, you know already. Have you learnt about sexualities and masterbating in homeschool? We’re learning about it once again, as if it wasn’t enough 2 years ago at your age...” I sighed. Connor shifted his position under the table and planted his feet on top of yours without realising which made your cock twitch. “Yeah, I know all about it! Homeschooling is quite boring though. You want to be homeschooled with me, why don’t you just tell mom or dad that you want to when they come back?” He asks me. “I always want to, I just forget” I say back, “remind me and I’ll tell them.”

“All this growing really made my feet hurt. Hey Sean, do you mind if you give me a massage as my older brother?”
This was my time. “Why not...” you pretend to be reluctant. You sat on the couch as Connor followed after you. He lied down on his end and planted his feet on your lap. He picked up a controller and began playing a video game, paying no attention to you. You placed your hands on his feet and began to rub them. You began to get the groove of it and you rubbed harder and harder.

You hear a moan above, meaning keep going. You rubbed each individual toe before moving onto each section of his foot. You couldn’t even fit 2 hands across one of his feet. It would need a third hand! Suddenly, you hear snoring. Wow, this boy can sleep so much! You looked at his feet in all it’s glory. You look up and he somehow took off his shirt without you realising! He had a body that you wished for. He already had his shorts off so he was left in his briefs. They were tight on him since he grew last night.

You lifted his legs up, it was hard to lift up heavy muscle at your current size, and laid down where they were and dropped them on your chest. Ok, bad idea, it hurt a little bit but not badly. You put your mouth around his big toe and began to suck it. You licked it around and kissed it and then did the same to each individual toe. Then you licked all over his feet. He twitched them in his sleep but didn’t wake up. You inhale the smell and they smelt amazing to you. You just loved having a massive brother. He was so big to you, that even though you were at the end of the couch, his feet were at the top of your chest, close to your face. You began to feel tired as well, so you slumped down the chair as he moved his feet in his sleep onto your face and you fell asleep like that.
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