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Continued from part 7
I picked up the game controller and passed another to Connor. We began to play against each other to see how long we could last in the game. We were both doing alright but I purposefully dropped my controller to make myself lose.

“Oh no! I lost!” I slyly said.
“Well you know what’s gonna happen now! Your my servant for the day!” Connor grinned at you. “I want you to give be a piggyback ride.”
“What? I can’t possibly carry you!” You shouted at him.
“Well, a deal’s a deal!” He smirked at you.
He had to stand on the chair so he could wrap his body around mine. His long muscular arms went over mine and landed on my nonexistent pecs. His long, tree trunk legs wrapped around my abdomen and his feet were right in the middle and I could feel them rubbing back and forth on me. Ok, so maybe the piggyback ride wasn’t so bad anymore.

He told me to walk him to the kitchen so I did. It was actually quite hard having someone who weighs like double you on top of you. I took slow, big steps in order to not go fast and fall down. I managed to get to the kitchen as he told me to go to the fridge. I did as he ordered as I see him take out my snacks I left in there and eat them! He told me that I was his servant, not the other way around, so it’s technically his now.

Here was something I wasn’t expecting. He ordered me to take him to the bathroom! It was all the way upstairs as well, but the bathroom!? It was so hard waking upstairs, I took one step every 20 seconds. All I could hear was Connor laughing at my pain. I took him upstairs to the bathroom and he said to face the toilet. I hoped he wasn’t doing what he was about to do.

“Close your eyes if you want, but you can look if you want as well” he smirked.
He took off his shorts and then his briefs while still on you and began to piss into the toilet!
“Ugh Connor! You’re so disgusting!” I shouted at him.
“You know you like it!” He joked with you.
But I kinda did. It was hot to look at.

“Now, just walk around.” He ordered me.
“Are you not gonna put your clothes back on?” I asked him.
“Nah, no parents here to tell me what to do.” He replied.
I just walked around to my living room to watch some TV while he’s on me as I fall onto the couch, expecting him to climb off me since I can’t get up anymore due to his weight. 20 seconds has gone and he still hasn’t budged. I hear snoring coming from him! Is he seriously sleeping again?!

But then I felt something. Connor was starting to move. I looked above and he wasn’t moving, he was growing! Wow, already? He only grew last night! It didn’t seem to stop though. His weight began to get heavier as he began to sport bigger muscles and his cock and feet grew bigger as well! This was his biggest growth yet! He started to moan in his sleep as I felt his foot begin to play with my cock! It was so small compared to his foot. When he stopped growing was when he stopped playing in his sleep. I could really feel his muscles around me. His pecs and abs were rubbing across my back. His biceps wrapped around mine. He wasn’t even flexing and they still looked as big as a rock.

40 minutes had gone by as Connor finally woke up.
“Aww, somebody wants to bond with me a bit closer?” He sarcastically joked with you.
“Well, you were the big giant that wouldn’t get off me and how did you even fall asleep?” I questioned him.
“I’m a growing boy! Well, I look like a growing man!” He showed off. He stood up and began to flex all his muscles. I was about to grow a boner before I changed the conversation.

“You grew in your sleep by the way. It was the biggest yet!” I explained to him.
“Oh yeah, your right! Let’s go check out how big I am now!”
Connor was so happy. I noticed I was only up to his nipples now. I was only glad that my parents got a very big house to accommodate for Connor’s soon-to-be massive size, even though it still won’t last eventually.

I got the tape measurer and placed his toe on the end. I lifted it up as far as I could go but Connor had to help me with the rest since J couldn’t reach his head anymore. Connor was 7’5! He grew 1 foot and 2 inches! He hadn’t grown over 5 inches before!

“How have you grown that much Connor?” I looked up in awe.
“I don’t know, probably puberty?” Connor was probably right. He had a foot long cock now. I measured his feet next. After measuring, I could see that he had size 28 feet! I only have size 3 feet and he has size 28! I wanted to see how much he weighed so I walked him to the weighing scales. His feet couldn’t even fit both on the scales and they covered the screen. I had to lift up his feet to be able to see the screen afterwards. It read 183 kg! I only measured 52kg! He weighed 3.6 times bigger than me!
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