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Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2223490
an old broken down house in the woods , as a child would you explore it ?
         When I was a child in my mind I would see this scary room
it was all dirty but not furniture because the room was empty
it really had dirt dried on the walls and wallpaper
the floors were wooden and it was cracked and rickety like it would break at anytime
the wallpaper , what was left of it ,was bright yellow flower pattern faded , cracked and peeling
there was a hidden door in one of the walls you can not see it because it blends too well
but if you lean against that part of the wall you will fall through
In my mind each time I fell through I would keep falling; it never ended
I always thought something was watching and waiting
but what I don't know
it would always scare me and I would wake to kicking and screaming
Then one day a few years later
I was exploring this forest
I had never been there before
I stumbled across this house it had no door and the windows were broken
I am just too curious so I went inside
even though I know it is dangerous and looks like the house may collapse
So, I walk past the front room into a hall
at the end of the hall is a door
it must be the only door in the house
slowly I walk to this door mostly because the floor may break at any time
when I opened the door I was shocked to find the room I had seen in my mind so many times before
I was scared but one wall had fallen out
when I looked outside this room where the wall was missing it was 100-foot drop off from a cliff
I started feeling eerie like something or someone was watching me.
Suddenly I felt the house start to shake as if it was being blown down the cliff.
I got the feeling again like something was watching and waiting .
I felt something like wind flow through me and seemed to be pushing me out the house. This wind whispered get out or you are mine!
I could not talk my voice had left me.
The wind screaming now said I have taking a part of you and you will never miss it but it will always be missing from you.
Seek you it shall and you will never know it will become my hound to search you out. Run Run quickly!! I will let you leave... through you, I shall be unleashed on this planet!!! you will Always feel my presence
Fighting the wind as it kept blowing me towards the open wall I fought and scratched to make my way to the door
the door it was jammed turning the knob and twisting pulling it finally came open running fast trying to scream but nothing
tears filled my eyes as I ran all the way home
jumped in bed and got under my safe warm blanket covered up from head to toe
peaking just a bit to find the wind seemed to have dispersed.{linespac
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