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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2223566
A surprise while collecting the loot
         “What an ugly piece of jewelry.” Meridith said to her adventuring companion. Tossing the string of uncut rubies into the treasure bag.
         “I think the way out should be easier than the way in,” Hiram said grabbing a handful of silver coins and stuffing them into his coat pockets.
         “Considering that basilisk turned Jess to stone, that should be the truth of it.”
         “That was good work. Killing that reptile without looking it in the eye.”
         “Thanks. It definitely was not easy—what was that?” Meridith wondered with apprehension spinning about and picking up her warbar.
         Two kobolds came rushing into the room with rusty knives raised. One went to each of the adventurers with murderous intent.
         The ceiling did not allow the tall and statuesque beauty to swing her warbar overhead and was restricted to a jabbing technique. The kobold was swift, and agile. As swift and agile as Meridith herself. The knife slashed at her, cutting her vest over her abdomen. Luckily the blade did not cut deep enough to draw blood, and she returned her attack jabbing the kobold in the gut. The childlike size of the kobold doubling over brought it close to her knees. She knew this was a severe disadvantage to being nearly eight feet tall, and struck a short stroke down on the exposed skull. Blood and brains gushed out as her opponent fell crashing to the stone floor.
         Meridith turned to find her comrade dispatching his own attacker. Hiram was cleaning the blood off of his long knife. When he caught her eyes, he smiled ruefully. “Well maybe getting out will be as difficult as getting in.”
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