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Rated: E · Non-fiction · Contest Entry · #2223660
The Trio Contest Entry May 31 - June 14 2020
One fall evening a small furry blaze of lightning sped past me, through my front door, and dove behind the couch.

What I found cowering behind the couch was a trembling little pile of fur and bone. At first glance I thought it to be a coyote pup, the grayish black fur hanging in large tufts, the long thin legs, and angular features all looked very coyote-ish. Food and water brought the timid creature out into the open and along with it some clarification.

It had the basic shape, features, of a coyote with the coloring of a German Shepard. A bath and good brushing would help.

According to the internet you get a coydog when a male coyote breeds with a female dog. When a male dog breeds with a female coyote then you have a dogote which, for obvious reasons, is quite rare.

After a bath, talking to the neighbors, and a trip to the Vet it was determined I had a four month old female coydog that had been dumped in the nearby desert to fend for herself (a common occurrence around here). She was house trained and knew all of the basic commands, so someone had to have raised her for the past four months, most likely with her mother. From the state she was in she obviously had no idea how to fend for herself.

I named her Coya.

The internet also says the coydogs are vicious, unpredictable, and wild just like a coyote. That's like saying that all of your personality traits came from your father, you get nothing from your mother. Just more proof that you can't believe everything you read on the internet.

Coya was a lady through and through, calm, sweet, and very dainty. She never made a mess when she ate or drank. She did not pull on the leash, she rarely barked, but she did try to howl whenever she heard a siren, it was not pretty. And, just to prove how nice she was, she made friends with Skrat, my son's ferret.

I had her for a little more than ten years before her time came. I still miss her.

Word count = 362
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