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A re-write of an old favorite although far-fetched in the original, may one day come true.
I used to be a happy guy
so jolly and carefree
joy was the apple of my eye
and nothing bothered me
but now I've gone to wrack and ruin
like drunks within the bar
sorry-faced, there is no place
for me to park my car

There was a time that I could shine
and drive most any place
then leave my chariot behind
there always was a space
to park the beast, to say the least
while singing like a lark
but that was then, and this is now
there is no place to park!

My job is gone, my wife departed
what am I to do?
driving on, so broken-hearted
lonely, and so blue
gassing up's the only place
I ever get a rest
and driving is the very thing
that now I so detest

So round I go, like billy-ho
from morning into night
hoping against hope, I know
that things will turn out right
if I can ever park this thing
before I lose my mind
once I am free, I'll go to sea
and leave the car behind

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