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A Poem about the glory of Vintage


Vintage is time in existence or elapsed

Of a person or object, it's not just that but something more,

Imbibes something nostalgic, sentimental of its period,

It's a matter of pride or adoration attached to it,

Pride or adoration, vintage carries big value,

They grace the show cases at home or in exhibitions;

To fetch values fantastic, catch the eyes of the elite,

They vie each other in rallies, exhibitions

Or international feats or fairs or conventions to win,

Capture the attention of the elite world over.

Talk of it, vintage is in vogue for items ranging from

Wines, garments, furniture to automobiles,

The things that symbolize status and prestige;

The elite and celebrities yearn for

Fame or self - satisfaction they fetch by possession.

Fans world over throng to witness or participate

In thousands or millions, Rallies and conventions

Show-events held around the globe,

Exhibit Collections, arrange events for competition,

Rallies that chose the best judged so on and so forth!

One such parade showcased fashion

Dress designs world over, worn by dames parade over ramp

For judges to choose the best vintage collections;

Modern interwoven by the hot designs of mid seventy's

A feast never witnessed earlier, with fun and fanfare

Bell bottomed pants truncated to tight waist,

Nicely crafted top of the style of 2000's,

Bright pictured design scarf around the neck to depict rustic

Of the recent decade 2010's,

A feast of fashions concocting the vintage with modern

Words are not enough, comprehension's limited;

To talk about Vintage the lively subject,

Recent vintage rally of cars is one such event,

Words are not enough, comprehensions inadequate,

To share the thrill experienced witnessing the Rally

A revisit memorable to see vintage beauties

Ranging from Chevrolet Blazer of the 1970's,

Mercedes Benz SL of the 1990's through

Lamborgini Diablo of the 1990's, BMW M3 of 2010's

Toyota Supra Turbo of the 1990's or Pontic firebird of 1990's

All parading majestically to the full view

Of judges and spectators alike spread all around,

Vehemently contemplating which to snatch the trophy;

Anxious to listen the verdict the whole gathering,

Shared the thrill experienced for days ahead!

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