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Henry is a seemingly normal man. BUT: He's a pedophile, writing stories to protect others.
A splendid Holiday

Day 0 - At Work

"Aahhhhh!" yawned the 24-years-young man as he stretches after the last Friday of work before his holiday-week. Henry is a hard worker at a research facility, where he started working just a little more than one year ago.

"Lesseeee... Where did I put my keys?" Searching hi workspace, the light started shutting down in this section, as everyone working on the project has already left or is currently packing their belongings.

"Bye, guys!" comments Emma as she leaves the room. "Bye!" Everyone left was Henry and his best friend at the facility, Roger. "Man, am I worn out." Roger declares. "Boi... it got late today. Am I right." Remarks Henry. Discussing the events of this day, both get their goods and off they go. "Didn't you announce this morning how much you will talk to Emma today and tell her how you feel? Asks the fairly new worker his 27 years old friend. "I can feel you man, I can feel you. She's gorgeous and you don't wanna loose her as a friend. Aren't I right?" "Yeah. Totally..." answers Roger with a letdown voice. "I really should have. But as you said, it's really complicated. I don't know the least if she likes me as a man, or just as a friend." "Well, I might not me the best person to ask, as I've never even had a girlfriend. But if I were you, I would behave exactly the same. BUT! As a friend I have to say that you just have to find out. What could happen? She could reject your feelings, but she will never reject you. I mean you're a grown man. You can withstand a rejection and live on. Find a new love interest. If it isn't easy, make it easy. That's my philosophy, anyhow." Responds Henry with a reassuring voice. "You are right. I'll visit her tomorrow and talk to her. And if she rejects me, I will apologize, or whatever, and we can continue to be friends. I know I can do that if I really try. Thanks." "No prob. Anyway, you know that I'm taking the next week off to come down at the lake nearby. And I wondered If you might wanna pay a visit. I would pay a run at the go-cart and we could have a great time. I mean it's only a ten-minute drive from your home." "Yeah, definitely. And then I'll tell you about what happened between me and Emma." They both happily part ways and drive home.

At home Henry thinks about Emma and how great she really is. But he can't change the fact that he likes other girls. The man has a very specific taste that is hard to find and impossible to get. Exactly for this reason he decides to write stories about his phantasies. As I'm doing right now. 4th Wall Break!

"So, tomorrow morning I'll departure and have a great time." His thoughts already elsewhere, Henry takes a shower and then lies down in bed to continue writing his story.

Day 1 - Arrival

In the morning our protagonist heaves out of his bed, clothes himself in appropriate clothes for a holiday at the lake, and brushes his teeth. "Hmmm. Today's gonna be the best day of my li-i-iiife." begins the young man to sing.
Eating a hefty meal Henry rushes to his car to get to his resort as fast as possible. The standard route takes him around 40 minutes. As the beautiful landscape unfolds in front of him and only gets more calming and light as he goes, even his last cells morph into holiday-mode and he relaxes as much as a driver can allow to.

At his destination Henry carries his big back-pack to the resort and checks in. "Ah, welcome back, Henry!" greets the owner as there are not that many visitors who come by regularly. Also he is really good at remembering faces. "I'm here once again." Laughed the researcher, pays and takes his key to then enter his room. It's a fairly small room. One bed, a small fridge, a TV and a couch with a desk. Also a bathroom with a toilet a shower and a basin. But the man grew very fond of this room the past three years he's been here regularly. "Most important is the AC" and this one works great for this small apartment.

It's already noon. Henry decides to rent a bike and cycle around the lake as he always does at the beginning of each holiday. It's a good way to see what's going on and what might have changed since last time, as well as being a refreshing activity compared to the work in a closed room. In short: it's enjoyable.
After the short trip, Henry pays a visit to the sauna and the gym, just to then realize that it's already six in the evening. "Time for dinner." He announced to himself as he dressed appropriately at his room. "At the very least I shouldn't be going in my gym outfit."

The food is always delicious at this place and so is it this evening. Roasted vegetables, fine beef and a refreshing salad, together with "The best apple juice" are a perfect end for the day. [If you haven't realized, Henry loves apple juice and if it wouldn't be for the healthier and more thirst quenching water, he would only drink apple juice. Anyhow, let's continue.] Finishing dinner, the apple-juice-lover keeps an eye open for a potential girl to dream about. And Just as he is getting up to leave, a young girl runs into him and pours cacao over his pants. "Ffmmm" Henry suppresses a cry because of the hot liquid, as he looks down to find a long haired child, knocked over at his feet. Insecurely she looks up "I'm sorry." "Ah, no problem. It was my fault for getting up so fast. Did you hurt youself?" the girl shakes her head to imply that she's fine. "Then everything is ok." Henry smiled as he took the girls hands and pulls her on her feet. "I'm really sorry for your cacao. But I'm sure you can manage to get another one." The man follows the little girl to the cacao-machine and sees her off as he proceeds to his room.
"}What a nice girl." He thinks to himself. "She genuinely felt sorry for what she did. I guess there still is hope for the next generation. It even was my fault to begin with." Walking up the stairs he looks behind to see the girl walking off with her freshly made cacao.

Day 2 - Scouting

The next morning Henry prepares for breakfast, whistling a song. "I wonder If I might see her again today..."
Downstairs, he takes the same seat as in the evening and consumes fresh eggs, bread, various fruits and vegetables, a cacao and, of course, a glass of apple juice. "Delicious as always" he thinks as he spots the girl passing by.
After a while she walks by with her parents and together they leave the restaurant. Later, the young man sees them, as they check out and exit through the front door. Recognizing the man, the girl waves her hand and turns away. "Woah. She's cute. And her parents seem to be at least as proper as the daughter." Henry mumbles as he ascended the stairs.

Changing into his trunks he anticipates his time at the lake.
Walking down to the seaside he observes a lot of guests. Old marries couples to groups of teenagers, big families and many families with children. "This place truly is for everyone." The holidaymaker deduces.

Arriving at the lake he scouts for cute girls. [I haven't clarified it jet, but our I, the protagonist, am a pedophile, whose only option to experience certain events is to write about them.] So the preferable age for a girl is around ten years. Also she should be at the heavier side. A little chub has never hurt anybody.
There are many youngsters around and not too less have the preferable age and cute faces for the young man. But most of them aren't chubby at all and many who are, are undebatable fat.
After a while he finds a group of friends where two girls fit his stipulations. Henry watches them play and swim. These two girls are both very petite but meaty at the same time. Their arms are still tender and their legs are cute and podgy. Their faces couldn't be more different but both have an angelic charisma and, more importantly, a tubby belly that wiggles every time they take a step. It's not much, but judging by the looks they are both pretty soft and squishy.
Watching them throughout all morning, he discoveres why these two out of the six are on the thicker side. As they all bought snacks, only those two finished theirs and got to eat the little that was left from the others. Afterwards all played again, but these two are visibly calmer as they had to digest more than the others.
Later they are sitting on a stone, swaying their feet above the water, whilst laughing together. They also quarrel around in a friendly manner and to Henry's luck they also poke around and crawl over the others so that the soft flesh of the two chubby girls bounced around a little.

At 3pm the man gets called from his coworker, Roger.

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