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A lovely fellow deals with apparent rejection.

Already drunk and he hadn't touched a drop of liqueur. He entered the 'a la belle etoile' in an emotional stupor, shadowy sentiment working away at him.
Taking his usual seat, rejection glazed his eyes over once more, perceiving everyone in a warped light. Life was about to take its toll.

Coated in shades of gray, in the ambiguousness of their behaviour and also in the fact he could almost have been watching a black and white Old Hollywood classic taking in their apparent panache, the laid back crowd frequenting that high-end restaurant would impress most. Melodic jazz numbers played at the edges of perception, smoothly accompanying the focal point of its host.
She sat by an ornate table, her eyes comparable to a frosty winter's morning. With misgiving they drifted over him. He perceived an emotionlessness attribute to them as their eyes locked, tenaciously withholding some secret she carried.

Her flawless aspect inspired, sheathed as she was in such elegant couture. She quickly turned her attention back to her partner.
The unapproachable aura enclosing those two immediately began to have a reverent effect, just looking at them made him feel like an outsider.

Opposite her and rather relaxed sat a man with a jaded bearing. He gave the impression he'd seen it all in this often disconcerting life.
He had a charismatic looking face, with many of his touching life experiences scored into its surface by stately lines. The expert manner in which he sipped and sniffed a tumbler of wine revealed a worldly opulence lying beneath those wrinkles.
As their word play continued her partner perceptibly unravelled the playful secrecy this woman presented him.
And so the duo aimlessly tested themselves with pleasure and got enjoyment out of it.
Jealousy kindled within as he watched his mastery with her. Reminiscent of some locksmith yet again unlocking a treasure chest continuously denied him.

After observing them perennially, in a book, on a television, the rare trip to a restaurant, different faces...always the same archetypical couple in distorted light, the object of his affection like the smoky hues of a distant Oasis mirage he's never been able to touch; he thankfully realized his angst was misplaced, seeing clearly that beneath the pageantry of these couples lay an old void, a hunger for a healthy identity they sought to sate with carnal pleasures, forever in a state of emotional entropy that this legalistic world system could only fuel.
His heart goes out to them nowadays, not with the unhealthy adulation of old but with an unconditional love instead, a love that's healed his own brokenness.

He's discovered a treasure within himself, some beatific image these passing years, and it's supplied him resolve to reveal his own secret to that pair.

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