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The book is special.
The book

" David, can you come to help me please, with the books?" Samantha asks.
"Coming soon," he replies.
"You call me for these few books? This will only take one minute to arrange them," he replies.
"Sorry, David, I feel tired and get some fever," she replies.

"Are you well?" David asks.
"Nothing special, I catch some cold," Samantha replies.
"You can go home and I will arrange the books," he says.
"It can go, I want to stay for work. I have to arrange and register the books," she replies.

David is busy with his colleagues that are conceiving a new book program.
Suddenly, they hear a noise from the library.
They go quickly for finding Samantha laying on the floor.
They try to rescue her after calling the emergency department.
Samantha has lost consciousness.

Samantha is hospitalized and another officer is replacing her.
"Rosa! can you bring me the book number 129800?" David asks.
"Yes, sir," she responds.
"Rosa you can leave but as you know you should be at 9 AM each morning," David says.
"Yes sir, of course," Rosa says.

At 9 AM 30min Rosa doesn't come.
David calls, "Hi! Rosa? I am David Kelly. What' up with you?"
"I have some fever, vomiting and I am very tired," Rosa says.
"What?" David asks.

David calls the police. They tell him to bring a biological expert because they think that it could be viral contamination from ancient books. They reject the crime hypothesis.
David calls for biological expertise.
They conclude that the book under the number 129800 is the source of the plague virus.
But David is still skeptical when it comes to the no crime police declaration because all the books are systematically disinfected by specific rays.

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