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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2224422
All people left for the Mars planet.
The humanity's fate

"Smith, I want you to promise me to raise our babies and not stop your contact with Mars planet. I want that our children live there," Kate says, looking seriously straight forward in her husband's eyes. She is pregnant.
"Kate, why are you telling this? You will be ok, I am sure and we will both go with our children to planet Mars", Smith says, hugging his wife warmly.

Smith is a dark blond. He is slender and resembles his blond mother. He is smart. He knows English and accounting. Smith is a brave gentleman, generous and persevering.

In the Mars astrophysical center a great debate is underway.
"Captain George, there is a big inflamed meteor which is heading through Mars. It has already missed the earth planet's trajectory," Mike the astrophysical engineer says, launching an alarming glance to George.
"We have to deviate it from its present trajectory out of Mars space as we used to do with the other stars," George replies with full confidence.

"Planet Mars again?" Bobby replies sarcastically. He is a brown and tall man. He came to North America sixty years ago from Latino America.
"It is written that we, Human beings have been created to live on earth. We will remain and die on earth and we will be buried in its depth. It is our fate", he adds, frowning.
"Dad, please do not say this. I know you have never wanted to leave earth planet. Times have changed and space is for the new generations," Smith says.

All human beings left earth planet thirty years ago because water reserve has been depleted.
Only Bobby Brand and his son Smith with her wife Kate remain in Antarctica where water reserve will last for some years. Kate is Bobby's dead friend's daughter.

Kate is a blond young lady of twenty nine. She is smart and Bobby taught her basic knowledge like English language and accounting.
She could not pursue studies as planet earth became deserted.
Only, this luxurious duplex house and a farm, remain in Antarctica.

"I am afraid it is too late, captain George. The meteor is stuck into the proximal Mars trajectory. If we intervene now we can provoke damage to Mars planet," Mike replies, showing a big worry.

Beatrice is a physician in Mars health center. She declares to the Mars health ministry this: "There are many children that are affected by Mars' climate allergy and respiratory distress syndrome" (hyaline membranes defect).

"Also, the life expectancy has achieved one hundred and fifty. Add to this, brain cancer frequency has increased and has achieved 30/100 of the population because the human beings live in a space full of different magnetized fields", she adds, completely overwhelmed.

Kate is about to deliver her babies. Alone in Antarctica, Smith finds himself doing something he has never done. He prepares as dictated by his father, a basic simple material to help his wife to deliver babies. A pair of sterilized scissors and a basin full of lukewarm water, are brought into the chamber.
"You should add two or three clean bath towels," Bobby says, excited.

Mars planet becomes one country named great Mars. There are no continents and people deal with one unique currency. The big city is constitutes of houses that are made of glass and shaped into balls. They are linked to each other by tunnels.

The central Mars town contains all the public and private infrastructures. The government, the security, the research center, and the hospitals are settled in the central Mars town.
Inside the houses and tunnels there is an adapted atmosphere similar to the earth planet's one. There, the oxygen ratio and rate are perfectly adjusted and the humidity level as well.

Alain is the Mars security supreme chef who says, "We have spotted some human beings that are still living in Antarctica. We should help them to join Mars planet".
William his collaborator is astonished and replies, "How can we save them?

"I have conceived a delta plan and want that all the officers will adhere to it. It consists of sending the aircraft 12. It is standard and can land on any ground and on the ocean as well. Only seven officers will go. A physician will be with them too," Alain replies.

Wow the mission is accomplished and yet twin babies' cries are heard.
Kate has just given birth to Emerald and Julian.
She says, "Smith, let me see my babies please".
She is amazed when contemplating them. "I am so happy," she says.

After thirty years and recently the glass becomes penetrating and Mars's atmosphere air is mixed to the interior one. People are more suffering from respiratory and heart diseases, and allergies. The glass has been innovated in earth planet. It is hard for the government to replace it.

Bobby is excited to hug with his trembling hands his grand daughter and son. Suddenly, it stars to rain.
"It's a great day indeed. Earth planet will flourish and be vivid again," Bobby says, showing euphoria.

Captain George says, "We should use focal laser rays first and we will see".
"Ok captain! We should use high frequency because the meteor equals Mars planet surface," Mike says with hesitation.

Bobby is glad and predicts that all his farm's plantations will yield a big harvest.
"My grandchildren bring me luck indeed," he says.
Suddenly he feels a chest discomfort for a while. He puts his right hand on his left chest. He lies down on the ground and breaths deeply. Then he rejoins slowly his house after a short rest.

Beatrice says to his colleague Loanda, "ten children died yesterday."
"It is alarming indeed," Jacque her colleague replies.
"We should inform the ministry immediately," Beatrice says.
"I have noticed that many adults have become asthmatic," Jacque says.

"Laser rays have not succeeded to destroy the meteor after seven hours of fight. Also, the meteor is approaching the Mars planet fast. It is as I have predicted," Mike says.
"Can you predict the eventual meteor crash on Mars planet according to its speed?" Captain George asks with more concern and frowning.

Bobby puts a letter on his desk and lies down on his bed. His features mark sadness and a profound grief.
Usually Bobby gets up early and goes to the farm. Today he is late.
Smith is worried and he enters in a hurry his dad's chamber and says, dad where are you?
Bobby is found died. Smith is completely flabbergasted and numb. He closes his father's eyes and kisses him on his forehead when his tears drop on the corpse of the old man. With trembling hands he reads in the letter this:

Dear son Smith,
"When an old leaf falls from a tree others are born. I am the falling leave of the Brand family tree.
I will leave this humble world and want you to bury me close to my farm. Take care of Kate, Emerald, and Julian.
Please don't leave; your flourished future is on planet earth; believe me!
We belong to the Lord Creator and we return to him".

The Mars forecast weather center notices an important rise in the temperature and say to people to stay home and fix their air conditioners at ten degrees Celsius.

"I think it will reach Mars planet in one year at least," Mike responds tragically.
"Prepare the great magnetized strength and start the launching," Captain George says with vigor read in his eyes.
"Ok! Captain," Mike replies.

After his death, Smith feels a harsh emptiness. He finds shelter in his father's letter. Albeit, with Kate, his ultimate companion, and their raising children, they lead a happy life. The farm has much flourished than ever.
Greenery is everywhere and water reserve level has risen.
"Kate, next week is the first July, we will get a wealthy harvest", Smith says, holding his wife hands closely and smoothly.
Kate replies, excited, "Wonderful, our children's food is ready."

Alain says, "The crew is ready for the earth Antarctic expedition today."
"You should take care of them and give them all the needed help," he adds.
"Keep me up date of your mission on Antarctica," he adds.

The big country Mars nowadays lives many challenges indeed. The increase of the diseases and the deaths on one hand, and the close arrival of the meteor on the other; provoke a panic within the population.

People are doing many demonstrations over the entire Mars country.
"We want to live not die! We left earth planet to get a new better life!"
"We refuse to lead an experimental life full of side effects and doubts"!
These are their main slogans.

"Captain George, unfortunately the magnetized strength does not function because the meteor is running at light speed," Mike says.
"We should act urgently to save our population," George is screaming, completely furious.
Mike says, "We have one unique solution".

The entire Mars hospitals are crowded and health professional teams are working in a frenetic way.
Beatrice does not know what to do. She is overwhelmed. All her colleagues are in the same state.

"Why should we leave planet earth?" Smith asks his wife with a loving glance and kisses on her cheeks.
"Smith, there is no future here. We are cut off from the world," Kate says tragically.
"However we are happy. Isn't it?" Smith says with a childish excitement.
"Indeed we are happy but what about our children? They should learn at school and acquire professional skills," she replies wisely.
"We don't know if Mars planet's life is better than ours," he replies.

A big noise is heard and a fire is seen in the farm.
Smith is running when he finds an aircraft landing in the farm.
He is afraid. A human crow gets out of it. Smith helps them and offers them his father's house to stay and gives them food.

Bob says, chef Alain, "we arrived safe yesterday."
Alain asks, "Have you met people yet?"
"Yes, it is a young family made of Smith and Kate the spouses and Emerald and Julian their children. These latter are twins of five. They lead a normal life and they are in good appearing health", Bob replies.
"Next week you should leave all together for planet Mars," Alain says.
"Yes chef," Bob replies.

Smith and Kate are preparing themselves to leave planet earth with certain nostalgia.
Smith goes to his father's grave. He is sad and melancholic, and says, "Dad I do not want to leave but I cannot let Kate leave alone, Dad, goodbye! I will never forget you."

They get their respective seats in the aircraft. Smith sets down in front of Kate and Emerald in front of Julian. The windows are beside the children where they can get access to a wonderful view.

Before the departure, Bob receives a call from Alain saying you should not leave earth planet.

"What do you mean," George asks nervously.
"We should leave immediately planet Mars and return to earth planet. The crash is imminent," Mike replies frankly.
"Prepare all the aircraft, people should leave progressively and immediately," George says when yielding finally to the dramatic fact.

1849 word KHBEY/ Humanity's fate/13/06/2020


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