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Beatrice goes on foot to her grandmother's garden.
The music

"Grandma, can I go to the garden?" Beatrice, a girl of ten asks
"Be careful dear! Some bad surprises are there," her grandma says.

In the garden, she finds many butterflies that she wants to catch. But, she falls in the water.
"Would you help me there?" she asks.
Some servants save her.

"Beatrice, Don't go far away," Clara one of the servants says.
Beatrice goes first to the bees' kingdom. She puts her finger on the beehive and drops some honey in her mouth.
"It's delicious! Hum!" She says.

Many bees head toward her. She runs quickly to the wooden house that is found just next, helped by the beekeeper.

She stays there for a moment. She discovers a palace of many rooms there. Many pieces of antiquities are thrown there. She is amazed to discover a wooden horse, bear and animals, trinkets, and dolls.

Many other objects made in bronze are found there. A multicolored light emanates from an ancient pilot night. A musk perfume emanates from fabric. A crystalline chocolate box inlaid with some flowers is found.

"Wow! It's wonderful!" She says.
Suddenly she says, "Where is the music coming from?"
She searches among all the objects and thinks that it might emanate from the music box.

A wonderful wooden and golden box is opened by her childish hands. A couple of dolls dance when music is played. She closes it.
"Still music is heard!" She says

She goes further searching for the source of the music when she finds a beautiful doll shaped into a blond woman with movables eyes. She is wearing a wonderful long blue dress and a pair of white shoes.

She is amazed when the doll is gesturing and moving.
She withdraws fast and goes out of the wooden house.
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