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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2224676
A short story about an inventive friend.
Written for a Daily Flash Fiction challenge to write a story that includes the words in bold.

I had to hand it to Bob. In just over three months, he'd created a working vehicle from the shell of an old VW and some parts he found behind a computer repair shop. “Watch this,” he said. He waved his hand with a bit of flourish, and the door swung open. “Who wants to drive it first?” He gestured toward the road as though offering up the entire world beyond his driveway. ”You,” he told me. “The honor is yours.”

It was an odd offer, because Bob and I were the only people there. “Is the key in it?”

Bob laughed. “No key necessary.” He sauntered up to the driver's side and tapped the window in two specific spots. The engine started with a slight 'pop' and settled into a soft gurgle.

I wagged my hand the way I'd seen Bob do to open the door, but nothing happened. “No,” he said. “Like this.” He repeated what he'd done the first time, and I spotted the subtle differences from my attempt. And moments later I was chugging down the street.

I decided to circle the block and back into Bob's driveway, but some road work on the next street forced me to attempt a U-turn. I say “attempt” because, as they told me at the hospital, the steering wheel must have come off in my hands and allowed the bug to plow straight into a parked moving van.

Bob hasn't apologized yet, and I get the feeling he's waiting for me to apologize to him. But I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. And eventually he'll get over it, and we'll be best friends again. And we'll both drive our own cars, and only our own cars from now on.
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