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Flash fiction
"Something is wrong here." Bill stared at the equation.

"What did I do wrong, Dad?" Jeremy chewed on his pencil, trying to see his mistake.

"That's the problem, I don't know." Bill was puzzled how he could know it was wrong when he couldn't understand the question. Something in his aging brain just knew.

"Then how can you say it's wrong?" Jeremy hated when Dad came out with stuff like that, especially as he was always right.

"Look, I never did anything like this when I was in school, so I don't know the workings. I just look at your answer and something is saying it can't be right."

"You weird, Dad." Jeremy continued with the rest of the equations.

An hour later, the teacher's face appeared on the computer screen. "So, what answers did you get, Jeremy?"

The lad read out his results. He was smiling, thinking he had everything right.

"Sorry, Jeremy, you've got that first one wrong."

"Dad said it was wrong, but I didn't believe him because he couldn't tell me what I've done wrong."

"Your Dad has the gift. If he was taught the workings he could be a great mathematician."

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