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a little story about leaving the house with autism (my experience)
I grabbed my coat, put it on, and did the zip up. I got my phone and checked the amount of charge, 57%, I could be out for quite a few hours. I looked around for my mum. After a couple minutes, I found her. "Bye mum!" she didn't reply, so I repeated it.
"bye" she answered. I smiled and left.

Walking on the street, I kept my my head down, trying to keep my feet to a rhythm. Occasionally I lifted my head up, to make sure no one was watching me, as well as looking behind me to make sure I wasn't being followed. One of the cars made a loud and sudden noise, so I panicked slightly. I started stimming with my hands, as everything else began getting louder. I could minimally hear the people across the road's conversation, the noise of my coat, the breathing of the person next to me, the sound of the wind blowing past my ear, it all got louder. I put my hood up and started counting to eight in twos, quietly. I calmed a bit.

I got to the meeting spot within about five minutes. I lived the closest, so it made sense that I was the only one there. I sat on the grass, it was still slightly damp from last night's rain. The feeling on my hand was amazing. The gusts of wind against my face relaxed me, they made me forget my anxieties... I listened to the rustle of the trees, the tweets of the birds. I sat there for about ten minutes, then I heard my best friend come over.
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