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Bio for one of the three main antagonists- Robert Stephenson
Disclaimer: All of these men were real, historical figures. This bio is for my own, fictionalised versions. It should not be taken as an accurate depiction of these men.

Robert Stephenson is a British civil and railway engineer, and the son of George, building upon and expanding the Technological Empire of his father. He is also the Dynast Regent of the Stephenson Dynasty, effectively running the gang in lieu of George due to his advanced age and failing health.

Robert was born on the 16th of October, 1803 in Willington Quay, Northumberland, to parents George and Frances. He spent most of his childhood with George, as Fanny would die just three years after his birth. In 1814, George (now a reasonably wealthy man) sent Robert to a middle class school in Newcastle, determined to give his son the education he never achieved himself. Here, Robert lost his thick Northumbrian accent and gained further skills in mechanical engineering.

In 1820, Robert began work alongside his father surveying the Stockton and Darlington railway, as well as assisting in designing and building locomotives. In 1829, using his previous experience and advice from George, Robert built the locomotive Rocket, for the Rainhill Trials near Liverpool. Rocket won the contest with ease, owing to its revolutionary design, and Robert made a name for himself in the Railway world. From here on out, the Stephensons dominated the industry, creating an empire of steel and steam.

Robert is the Dynast Regent of the Stephenson Dynasty, the railway gang founded by his father, who is too old and decrepit for most of his duties. Robert is in charge of overseeing the day to day running of the railways, as well as organising blackmail campaigns for the government and dealing with the rival Great Western Syndicate. He aims to achieve complete control over the British railway network, but wants to do it in a more sophisticated way. Less blackmail and bribery, and more “Creative accounting”. However, this change is slow due to disputes with George, who has no qualms with his underhand activities.

Robert is generally very guileful; with his thorough education and knowledge of the system, he is adept at fudging the numbers and cooking the books. However, he is a very principled man who values family, and feels morally obligated to continue his father's legacy and obey his rules. These clashing values formed a very conflicted man, who is often very vacant and distant from his peers.

Roberts main relationship unsurprisingly is with George, whom he has worked alongside for most of his life so far. His desires to transform the gang has created a rift between the duo, as George is stubborn and unwilling to let Robert take full command. As he grew older, Robert began to question his loyalty, wondering why he has let this man control him his entire life. This angst causes him much stress. Roberts second main relationship is with the RedBoots gang, whom he initially admired for their energy and enthusiasm. But he soon began to question their motives and soon saw them as a distraction that should be removed.

Despite being the grand age of 62, Robert remains in relatively good health, his amassed riches affording him the very best healthcare for the time. However, his rich lifestyle and stressful schedule is beginning to take its toll, starting with a small paunch developing around his middle. His towering stature is beginning to stoop and his untamed, fiery red hair is diminishing. But in spite of his senior physicality, Robert still retains the apparel of his younger self.

Robert's personal goals relate to his conflicting emotions about George's impact on his life and career. My ideological goal with this character is to discuss ideas about family and tradition, and their impact on progress and change.

The real man- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Stephenson
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