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In this chaotic time it is time to reboot and look at things differently.
Ju’s Jottings

These days when we are spending so much time on social media and trying to figure out what is really going on Upgrades and Downgrades can be confusing. Delete, Link, Friend, Unfriend. Life is not a machine, and we are all too human. But, maybe in computer language, it is time to reboot.

Time to Reboot

At this time in my life things upset me.
And what do I get?
Lack of sleep.
Worry lines.
Graying hair.

In the end nothing changes.
Upsets remain the same.

The things that upset me became
Things that irritate me.
And what do I get?
Grouchiness and grumpiness
Negative thinking.

In the end nothing changes.
Irritants remain the same.

The upsets and irritants become
Fear and anger.
And what do I get?
Life in turmoil.

In the end nothing changes.
It all stays the same.

Time to Reboot!

I let sunshine in.
A child at play.
And what do I get?
Overwhelming love.
Calmness of soul.

I let go of upsets.
They are not my worry.
I kick irritants out of my life.
Why have them near?
I do not let fear overtake me
Nor anger engulf me.
And what do I get?
Clarity and a happy heart.

In the end everything changes
Peace and
Joy and laugh lines.

An Upgraded Life.
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