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Here it is: My 100th piece for Writing.com! Does one remember the merry-go-round?
This happens to be the 100th piece for this great online writing community; I could not have made it without you guys! Thank you all so very much! Please enjoy this following story…

When Julie-Ann was a little girl, one of the things that she enjoys in her life when she goes to the carnival is going on the merry-go-round; oh, how she loved the merry-go-round. After she would see it, she would climb on any horse that she would choose, and then she would ride on that chosen horse in the merry-go-round for as long as the music plays. When the music stopped playing, she would feel sad as she would get on the horse, but Julie-Ann would always know that there would always be a next time for her to have a chance to ride on the merry-go-round again.
Now, when Julie-Ann became older and was in her teens, she had never outgrown her love for the merry-go-round; she and her friends would get on any horse that they choose, and then they would imagine that they were racing on the race track while on the horses of the ride. When the music stopped playing and the ride would stop, so would the imaginations of Julie-Ann and her friends as they would get off their rides and would go on their other adventures…
And so, time goes by slowly; summer became fall, and fall begat winter. Then came the cold of the winter. And afterward, winter turns into spring, when the flowers on the trees began to bloom, as well as the other flowers that have already bloomed in the garden…

Many years have passed, and now, Julie-Ann has gotten older. She has since gotten married and has children of her own now; but somehow, her inner child has never left her, which makes Julie-Ann began to wonder: Would she ever take one more ride around the merry-go-round? She would just have to find out for herself…
So Julie-Ann hopped in her car and drove to the amusement park on the beach boardwalk so that she could take one final ride around the merry-go-round, just so she could relive her memories of her very own childhood one last time. When she got there, she sees a sign that says, “Closed until further notice.” Julie-Ann began to scratch her head and began to wonder why the amusement park on the boardwalk would be closed for so awfully long. Just then, a lawyer walked up to Julie-Ann and told her that the park had been closed for a long time due to the pandemic. Then she finally realized this: Her favorite amusement park, along with so many other amusements that people like her enjoy throughout their lives, have been closed since the pandemic began, with no intention of ever re-opening.
Julie-Ann thanked the lawyer for letting her know; then she got in her car and drove away, back home.

They say that nothing lasts forever, including childhood memories. But the absolute best thing for people to do would be to hang on to and to cherish those moments as best as one can before anything in their lives would be gone forever.
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