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The protagonist sees a vision of love.
Of the shadowy structure above, you comprehend precious little.
Scoured as it is by a radial, a multitude of outward radiating lines.
They were etched with a finesse whose craft you once dreamed of learning. There was a rare geometric inspiration in its making and certainly affection in the architect's heart as he designed it. But for whom exactly?

Sighing wearily you lean fully against the wall behind you, eyes fixed upward. Gradually they inch forward toward the enormous open skylight at the roof's center, the 'star' to that starbeam line burst on the ceiling you were just contemplating. Curiously, while peering at the outside surroundings through it, your perception shifts into the great yonder as you enter a manner of visionary experience. Light-headed, you find yourself mulling runelike images floating before you, laboring to understand them.

This edifice is unique, you are blinded by their brilliance, perplexed by dust-like motes that float indefinably about them. It feels a struggle to recognize the value of this radiance you are studying, apathy has gripped you so long. You have an epiphany the glyphs have somehow been drawn from your very heart.
Words mysteriously fall upon your lips and doves materialize before you in midflight. The Light Spirit who teaches all things quickens you and you grasp the meaning of this glorious sight.
She wrote those words, a love letter, upon your heart, she gives you life.

It's a rewarding awareness. Now she is revealed as a visual parable called 'the dearly beloved dawn.'
In a sunburst, this dawn consumes the lush trees outside. They are not destroyed, having their roots firmly planted within her, being built and strengthened by her. The clouds above them are painted dark on the underside, bedazzling white at their zenith. Your eyes are drawn downward, through the skylight to the pool at the Museum's epicenter directly beneath it.

It is oval, with two concentric rings about it. An opaque space rings the water proper. It was a dry area once that is presently saturated to bursting with mystical healing waters. You become aware of a fascinating mirror image of the dawn upon its surface. Pained, you struggle to fathom this.

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