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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2225272
Marg and Dan are at a loss.

Marg and Dan stood outside. They looked at each other helplessly.

“We have to find it,” they both said at once.

The pair began walking forward, searching in every direction. Nothing looked familiar and Marg began to panic.

“The ice-cream and butter are melting!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll try something.”

Dan pressed something in his pocket with a thumb. Nothing.

“Battery must be dead,” he mumbled.

“I didn’t bring mine because you always have yours,” Marg told him.

She began to fumble in her purse.

“What are you looking for?” Dan wondered.

“I usually write the particulars down before I leave,” she told him.

“There was no lead left in your mechanical pencil, so you couldn’t,” her husband reminded her.

“Wasn’t there something on it to make it distinctive?” Marge said fretfully.

“Until some kid took it off, remember?” Dan reminded her.

“Why don’t you sit in the shade with the bags and I’ll walk up and down until I see it?” Dan said with concern.

Marg agreed and went to a shaded bench. She watched her ever-patient husband as he roamed up and down in the hot sun. She despaired of him ever finding it.

All at once, she saw him pump his fist and yell.


He got in and came to pick her up.

After they’d loaded the trunk and gotten back in truck, Marg asked the million dollar question.

“How did you finally find it? The license plate?”

“You know I never remember that, I always have to check my wallet!”

“What then?”

“Those silly bells on the visor. You know, the ones you tied to my gift on our first Christmas as a couple.”

Marg started to laugh. Dan joined in as they drove as quickly as they could from the packed mall parking lot.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2225272-Seekers