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A poetic mystery
What is it doing there? Where is its owner?
Why is it standing alone in the sand?
Did someone desert it to swim in the ocean?
Are they caught in a current, in need of a hand?

It looks fairly new. There are no signs of fading.
Broad stripes of bright red, white, and blue mark the spot.
But I see no thrashing as I scan the distance.
It's just an umbrella that someone forgot.

How could a person abandon an item
that towers six feet and spreads nearly as wide?
Its purpose is simple, to shade what lies under.
Though sheltering no one, it stands there with pride.

What must it feel like to be an umbrella,
to keep people cool and prevent nasty burns?
But what must it be like to stand there neglected,
just biding your time 'til your owner returns?

Who is that person, a man or a woman?
A tourist from elsewhere or right down the street?
I'm sure there's a story behind this umbrella,
but it needs a human to make it complete.

Is he/she local, and comes here quite often,
or maybe a business exec on a trip
who rented this lonely, forsaken umbrella,
and met with disaster while taking a dip.

Maybe the story is not so exciting.
It's just an umbrella, left here on the shore.
Whatever its story, it's just wood and canvas,
not fodder for mystery, love, sin or gore.

Perhaps I should take it and come back tomorrow,
and stick it back there in the sand where it stood.
I hope that somebody will be glad to see it.
But if not, I'll still know I did what I could.
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