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We talk about lotsa things here on WDC!
Tina Stone, i've done me some huntin in the woods around here, spent manya night on the rivers in the mountains and even made manya squirrel stew and rabbit. Oh, don't fergit the dove huntin season where the shells fall on our house like rain. Yep, them little drumsticks make for some gooood eatin! I don't kid about the hunting. I love it and every firearm I can get hold of to shoot target practice. Just making a point that the destruction of property will get people shot no matter the race. OH! Let me tell you, in Ash, NC, where we used to live my boy and his dad waded the swamps for frog legs so big. And the alligators sleep in the sun beside the paved roads cuz the trees been cut there. I used to live in Texas as well, Lubbock, my daddy was a moonshine-bred preacher who stopped everything when he was touched by the Lord. We had "Horney Toads" and I bit one to death, it was so cute! I was three. Now that's the life! *Heart*
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2225509-A-Conversation-on-Huntin