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Martin is an Algerian-American who skirts sides with three different intelligence bodies.
Martin was stationed in Belfast (Northern Ireland) during the great Coronavirus quarantine tribulation in 2020. He was working simultaneously for the IRA (Irish Republican Army), the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). Martin was aiding the Belfast IRA to obtain more democratic media ties with Sinn Fein and Parliament in a time when Internet made work-life indoors viable. Martin was also assisting the CIA track a computer-hacker terrorist mastermind named Hammond in the U.K. Simultaneously, Martin was offering the PLO a way to channel underground munitions away from the Russian mafia while he was working all over Europe.

Martin was born in Algeria to parents and relatives involved in the FLN revolution against French colonial occupation of Algeria. He emigrated to the USA and studied psychology and literature at the prestigious Ivy League school Dartmouth College before he was actively recruited by the CIA to work terrorism labyrinth in the U.K. Martin quickly became a Western empathizer of the deep Protestant-Catholic rifts in Northern Ireland caused by ages of inter-religious betrayals and basic socioeconomic disparity catering to eschewed coexistence since the early days of Protestant colonization of Catholic Ireland. He became a liaison for the PLO after his ties to munitions became exemplary and made him a tactical go-to-guy.

Martin was offered the chance to join the Chechnya intrigue in Russia following the demise of the USSR, but told the CIA he'd rather work with the aged scars of Protestant-Catholic deformity in the U.K. Martin had concluded that the years of intelligence work for the IRA/CIA/PLO had given him a special consciousness regarding the viability of modern intelligence and infiltration labyrinths in Europe facilitating a great anti-terrorism education for an Algerian-American patriot of democratic reform. Martin decided the real 'trouble' with new age revolution was in the coordination of governance diagonals (e.g., 9/11) and inter-religious resourcing (e.g., Black Friday). He'd become a real man of world design!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2225594-Martin-IRACIAPLO