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A pair of experiences re: my friend, Moe & me.
A nod of Deep Respect to Moe for reminding me so I can hopefully make others aware:

 Sarah's Bunny  (E)
A contest entry for Picture Perfect Poetry.
#1858628 by Moarzjasac

In response to your review of "Sarah's Bunny" , Moe (170) says:
Thanks very much for your review. Only one who has experienced it can really empathize. God Bless you!

In your review for "Sarah's Bunny" , you said:
I saw a child's 6 weeks old dead body my mom who was babysitting brought him to me. "Look how deep asleep this baby is!" She was getting him ready for his mom to pick up after her new job. I said, "Mama! This baby's not asleep!" We did mouth respiration but only bloody milk came out. No air. It was SIDS. Oh Gosh! It's the hardest thing to call the parent. All I could do was scream! I ran outside and threw myself on the ground begging God to give back that baby. His name was Christopher. His mom came to us after the funeral to console US!

How are you, Moe? Great but sad item. God bless.
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