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I don't mean to make light, but if we remember Who GOD Is!
Michael! Wow! Thanks for that! I love your point. In Jericho after the walls fell by the hand of God, I was amazed to read how God told them to go into Jericho and kill every man, woman, and child. Then I remember how Satan beguiled Eve in the Garden. The bloodline the Savior would come through was defiled. The devil did plant his seed but they were considered 'the tares' and easy to distinguish from God's creation, 'the wheat'. I believe that is what Jericho entailed and when Rahab the prostitue was saved alive because she hid and protected the men of God, I believe God is showing us he will know to divide even the prostitute from the tares. God can do anything! Praise His Holy Name in these times of confusion and indecision! We have plenty to eat. God has provided every single thing we need and promises to keep taking care of us as long as we obey Him *Heart* Awesome item!
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