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Flash Fiction
The Lesson

I patted my pocket to make sure my phone was there. This alley took at least twenty minutes off my walk home. I could be on time this way, if not, I’d be late, and grounded for the weekend. My parents insisted I stay on the safe streets. I’d given my word, but apparently my word wasn’t worth much when I didn’t want to be grounded.

Now, halfway down the alley, I felt like I was being followed. The last place I should be, was cutting through a deserted alley alone. But, this weekend was The Fair!

I slowed down to quiet my footsteps (and my heartbeat!) promising if I got out of this I would never take chances again! Listening carefully, I kept moving. I couldn’t hear footsteps behind me, but I did hear something.

Suddenly, I heard a different sound, muffled, like a whine or a cry... it came from the dumpster across the alley at Bizzards.

That dumpster was too low to hide a person, so I went over. Carefully, in case it was a skunk or a rat, I peeked around the back. It was an animal, small, and scruffy, matted, with the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen in a tiny little head.

When it saw me, it was like it knew me. I suddenly became family, out it came, “Feed me!” it seemed to say. I picked up the tiny kitten with all her tiny ribs sticking out from lack of food for who knows how long, and carried her home.

Somewhere there was a mother who probably told her child not to go in the alley because it was dangerous, and her child didn’t listen. Now I was raising her child. Her child got lucky, and now I realize, that day, so did I.
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