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by mxnasi
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Flash-Fiction with the words "I don't trust them."
Do you ever wonder about how each person could have different perceptions of colors? What is yellow to me, maybe green to someone else. It seems absurd to think of the Sun being green. But there’s no way to know whether we all see the same color when we look up at the sky.

An old couple moved into my neighborhood a few days ago. I was always friendly with everyone in my community. Though I sensed something was off with them, I interacted with them like I would with anyone else. The wife, Mrs. Grendale, and I went running every other day. Mr. Grendale and I constantly bickered about the recent TV show we’d just watched. They looked to be good-natured people, and yet no one else spoke to them. I guess people did not trust them for whatever reason.

It was a Saturday. My best friend Naina and I had our Yoga class in the community gym. As we walked on the sidewalk, deep in conversation, someone caught the corner of my eye. It was the Grendales- on the other side of the road.

“Good morning!” I waved.

Naina looked at me with wide eyes.

“Am I just blind, or were you waving at someone?” she asked.

“Don’t be mean. It’s the Grendales. I don’t trust them fully either, but-” I simply said.

“Didn’t that couple die years ago in a car crash? Hayley, there’s no one there,” she looked scared.

“But they- “I turned to have another look, and they were gone.

I convinced myself that I wasn’t going mad.

“Just because someone sees something others can’t, doesn’t make it less real,” I spoke slowly.

I’d never seen Naina look more afraid.

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