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Mayong is a village in Assam, India that is known as the Land of Black Magic. Search it up
Orphaned- Chapter Six

The police questioned me for hours but I didn't revealed my secret. Deep down I wanted to tell them the truth, but I made an oath to never expose the principles of Magic. I had a mission to accomplish; one of which I had no idea how to achieve. The authorities informed me that I would be living with one of my relatives in America. So, I was sent back home to pack my things. I stood at the doorway and re-lived my treacherous experience the previous week. I took a small step pass the bright yellow barricade tape. As soon as my soiled white converse shoes touched the grimy floor, a cloud of dust exploded and a vision was displayed.

My mother and father were standing before me. Both of them were dressed nicely and had a translucent-like resemblance. They were laughing and talking about the funniest of things, such as a clown wearing a suit and tie, and dogs having a cup of tea with cats. My eyes filled up with tears of joy and sadness. I missed them so much and I, along with anyone else in this world, realized that being a lonely orphan was not enjoyable at all. I soon found myself sobbing on the floor instead of preparing for my adventure across the world. Suddenly, I felt an arm on my shoulder. I quickly wiped my swelled face, stood up and turned around to see an unfamiliar young woman standing in front of me. I was about to perform an electrocution spell but I paused when she said my name.

"Harley. Don't shoot!" she shouted with her hands up. I calmed down a bit, but still kept my guard up. "Wow! Amber told me you were feisty, but I didn't believe her. I guess I owe her a day with my broom stick," she continued.

"Amber? Aunt Amber? How do you know my aunt? Who are you?" I questioned.

"Amber is my older sister. My name is Jamie Cauldron. I will be taking care of you," the woman replied.

I looked at this woman straight in her face and said," Ha! Good one! Ok, so, I don't know who you are but I suggest you get off my lawn before I scream and a bunch cops come storming down the street to arrest you for attempt of kidnapping," I responded with sarcasm. I didn't believe a word this woman said because the authorities told me that I would be staying with an older woman. This person, who claims to be 'Jamie', definitely did not look a day over thirty. I assumed she was in her really early twenties because of the way she dressed. She had on black sweatpants, an oversized T-shirt that reached the line of the lower buttocks, and a pair of khaki colored boots which didn't complement her outfit at all. I was laughing in my head because of how much her clothing resembled the style of the cool kids down the block. She looked at me bewildered and speechless. I made a shooing movement with my hands, gesturing to go away but of course, she didn't.

"Uhh...no. I don't think so. You're supposed to come with me to India, so that's where we're going," she insisted.

"Wait, what? How did you know about that?" I asked.

"I'm not supposed to tell you this, but... your father knew he was going to die. He wanted you to have a motive to carry on with magic, instead of just brooding and thinking about your life choices," she informed me.

"Well, he sure gave me a motive," I responded, "I can't believe he would let himself die just for me." I started to wonder if everything I knew was just a lie. I wondered if my mother's death was planned as well, or if the story about the war was bogus. Jamie took me by the hand and pulled me inside.

"C'mon, we have a lot of packing to do. After all, we're going to India!" she exclaimed. I followed her into the house and up my room where she helped me packed my things. Soon enough, we were finished and ready to travel. Jamie had a cool looking bag that was the size of a wrist watch. She extended it into large duffel bag p, shoved my stuff inside and squished it back into a little rectangular cuboid. I placed it into my pocket and went downstairs into my now-empty living room with Jamie close behind. We both stood in the center of the house and I sighed in sadness. I wasn't ready, but I knew I had leave. I basically grew up in that house and now I was probably abandoning it forever. I looked around in silence and evoked all my precious memories.

"Are you ready to go?" Jamie asked.

"Mentally? No. Other than that, I think so. But, how are we going to get to India? We don't have enough money to catch a flight. And even if we did, I don't think planes will be passing through any time soon, since the war just ended," I replied.

Jamie chucked, "Who said anything about flying? We're going the same way I came here." Jamie took a glowing ball out of her pocket and tossed it into the air. She shouted," Ut mihi per Lima per duo maria et nigrae magicae terra ubi sunt, vocant India!" Suddenly, a glowing red pocket dimension appeared in front of us. Without any warning, Jamie grabbed my arm and jumped through the portal, dragging me with her. I screamed and prayed it was all a dream as the blinding walls of the portal began to warp together. It was the most unexplainable and confining experience that I had ever been through. It felt like my insides were being scrambled while on a broken rollercoaster and my brain was trying to figure out what in the world was happening.

After ten seconds of being tortured in a wormhole, I saw a bit of light below our feet. We were getting closer to the exit and the light grew bigger until there was nothing but luminosity. Soon, Jamie and I popped out of the hole and landed in forest-like location. The portal vanished and left us in the grass. I looked around and saw nothing but trees for miles.

"Well, that was fun!" I sarcastically shouted in general. Jamie rolled her eyes and laughed as she stood up to brush off the dirt on her clothes. I followed and stood up as well. I soon began to smell a strong scent of my favorite Saturday evening meal, fish curry. I realized that we were on a hill that was small but large enough that we couldn't see the bottom without walking closer to the edge. Jamie and I followed the dancing smoke to the bottom of the knoll where we saw something extraordinary: a city wide land of trees and grass populated with people belonging to such amazing customs. My eyes shimmered as the sun began to set, laying a a blanket of assured safety and peace. I closed my eyes, smiled and allowed the calming winds to blow my wavy hair into air.

For a minute, I forgot all my problems and worries. It felt as if my parents were still with me, holding my hands and kissing my forehead. I opened my eyes and realized that I was in the real world now. I remembered I had a mission to accomplish. I looked down and saw a group of Mayongians dancing around a campfire and singing a song in harmony. Jamie held my hand and took me down the hill. As we got closer to the crowd, I took a deep breath and thought about all the things I had gone through. Suddenly, a sharp object flew towards me. I barely had time to react when a hand was shoved in front of my face. The person caught the arrow just in time before it got a chance pierce my skin. I thought,"What the f--"
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