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The dryness of a drought.
I need to weep
to prove I can

for eyes that have been dry too long
for rage that burned itself out

and killed my heart with it
for all that left me

senseless and defenseless
for the sanctuary of the soul

I need to find, and haven't, yet.

For memories forgotten, buried,
kept beyond my knowing

for what I need to hold again
that is truly mine

for the child, sacrificed
by all the unholy priests

for the child who paid the price
of my survival, and arrival

For arms more empty
than simple lonely can define

for wanting what I don't deserve,
but wanting, anyway

for the voice it takes
to violate my privacy

for simple freedom I have never known.

For love that mocks my weakness
and will not allow forgiveness

for standing outside the sweet release
of one single loving touch

for truth that overwhelms me
I am not that honest...

For strength that's so hollow
only I will ever know how false it is

for beauty that I cannot touch,
it disappears like smoke each time I reach....

I need to weep.

because I need to prove I can
because there is no reason not to
because I'm human, not an artifact
because I hurt, and pain commands it
because I love, but cannot prove it
because I'm afraid of that love
because I'm a breath away from destruction
because I'm a heartbeat away from salvation
because I need to stand inside my humility
because my prison can't contain me
because there is no-one to hold me
because I am alone.

I need to weep.

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